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Heads up

I’m sure you’ve seen some changes about my website, but, I’m going to constantly be updating things and adding.

Since this website is more for blogs, instead of…say…a casual website, if you get aggressive notifications of blog posts you read or new notifications from me. I am so sorry.

I’ve noticed my format was a mess, but a viewer and friend, Tanmay (tell me if it’s okay to keep your name here), gave some very great suggestions and it made a bit more sense how to fix the problem.

I’m a very hard-headed individual (this isn’t me saying this in a degrading way—bear with me) and I will try to make this work even if it’s nearly impossible.

With that in mind, I really hope you enjoy the blog aspect still.☺️ I will post my actual new post again today, everything else updates.

Sorry if this looks gross, it’s just a palette.😂 I love how the texture looks and I really needed white space on blocks of text.

Also, my IG is back up, however, lovelies, IG isn’t a priority. I need to practice on my digital art skills and characters and even though digital art feels like getting a gun to the head, it looks pretty and I want to see some.

It may get embedded here, but, digital art always looks strange (and hilarious on this site.)

One more topic:

I am aware it’s Pride Month (US), as I was aware it was Black History Month in February and Women’s History Month on Match….but, I would prefer not to write content of these months because issues are issues and they happen daily, but also, other people can write better than me.

I constantly write about political issues that correspond with all of these and to sit around write extra posts like: “protect [insert marginalized identity here]“ would be jarring and very cringy.

If you can feel for my characters, maybe you should look into how you treat real people with similar identities that go through the same thing or worse.

I’m not going to preach to you. I don’t feel like it. The only job I signed up to do was make blog posts, share stories, and art.

However, there are plenty of activists that talk about marginalized identities and some of them leave comments on my blog occasionally.

However, if you want to support someone LGBTI+ for activism reasons, you can show your friends my content or just keep looking at my crap. I’m nonbinary transgender and asexual.

I know I’ve put this down on my blog multiple times, but I want to give a point. Some of my characters, while not having the same sex as me always, have very similar identities. Please be sensitive with me. It’s hard to go through it and to even talk about identity with all these aggressive people denying feelings and stuff that requires health. Do not leave gross comments or I will delete them.

Anyway, thank you for your patience and kindly, please take care.

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Hey, June, how do you?

1 minute

Heyya, sorry for the late post.

Recently, I’ve bought new watrcolors. To see what it felt like, I specifically ordered 15ml-37ml tubes. I bought a limited set not to waste money I don’t have, and focus on the colors I just bought.

Keeping that in mind, I will be making a palette. If you are new here, you probably wouldn’t know that I struggle keeping up with palettes. If you aren’t–I’m sorry, I wanted something new.

Using up all the paint on that palette will be my goal for June.

At the moment, I haven’t thought of an idea to what the palete is for. All colors and their mixtures have a certain meaning; it can be obsecure to others. Where some people can comfortably use any colors to paint anything, I do not. If I don’t like it for depicting my characters, I will not use it.

I need to waste some other paint too so that’s that. You’ll see another palette come up–potentially. I wish y’all could see my process in action. Please be patient with me. 🙏

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Watercolor ideas

I’m still creating my palette and it’s quite fun. I enjoy combining color combinations and patterns together. I’ve always liked patterns even though, funnily, I like abstraction too.

Selling stuff isn’t really fun to me (in this part of my life) but I do like doing diet science experiments like palette creating and testing. Where are the careers where you do stuff like that? Like making palettes and mixing them and showing pictures? I’m not sure I’d get paid for it. Maybe I should try instagram for that.(🤢😭) I want to experiment with that.

I wanted to get into handmade watercolor selling, but I want to make videos and content showing my expertise! But, really, I would like my art abilities to shine through.