The Jinhi to the Jinhi Hunter

You’re standing upon me,
about to slaughter me in cold blood.
You are staring at me as if I’m not a human like you.
You’re a fool.
You want to destroy my culture,
You will…
But yours?
It’ll be destroyed as well.
It’ll always be changing, forming, destroying, changing.

The people will never be happy.
Could you?
You are standing in the presence of a man,
one you will kill.
A man who will never give you your happiness so you seek.
You’re doing your job, and you believe in your job.
Guilt, may it never absolve.

Guilt will go into the nation’s pride,
Into their food,
Into their prayers,
Into their wishes,
Into their wants.

It’ll restrict them from innocence.

It blurs the lines between being good and bad.

However, this won’t stop you.
I can’t stop you.
You cannot see me and you will not listen.

These words will be so much different after you’re covered in my blood.

I don’t have any artwork for this, so I can’t offer you a picture, but this is also an in-story movie antagonist monologue (of course I only speak English, so it’s in English). The Jinhi hunter pulls out his sword on the antagonist (I have not named yet) and the villain sings. This isn’t a song—partially because I’m not in the mood to write one and I don’t know how it would sound anyway.

This is also apart of the same story I mentioned a while back where the protagonist breaks down on set and doesn’t

It’s quite self-explanatory what it is, but if it’s not, feel free to leave a comment. I will respond.