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Using a more vibrant and warm color palette to design Adis clothes

So, hello there! I got too nervous to draw backgrounds or redesign, so I did some color swatches and this bad boy. I designed some clothes.

And I’m going to post my palettes again so you can see how they look. 😀

I forgot to show all my little studies I did for color environment and I’m posting on my phone in a environment that doesn’t have my art around.

Anyway, I’ve been doing little sketches and paintings as well and have been struggling.

So, I was a bit productive…but eh…but not really.

Have a nice day and stay hydrated and healthy! Talk to you later.☺️

artwork Crafting paints

Art review: Jackson’s Art Pigments

You can find the pigments here. I am not an affiliate with Jackson’s nor do I have a sponsorship so I get nothing out of this at all.

I’m sorry it took a while to post this, but I wanted to test the pigments out for a while and then make a review. I don’t know how long this will be.

Heads up!

Most of my art is done in watercolors or water media that is thinned out to work like ink or watercolors, but I’m showing you colors I mixed with a watercolor binder (QOR, Schminke, or just honey). This isn’t an oil paint review nor is it an acrylic review.

Overall opinion:

I think the pigments are great, especially for their price. I am a beginner at paintmaking so I can’t tell you exactly how pigments are supposed to look or whether or not they’re good or bad.

They have some very unique colors to offer as well as generic store bought options. For example, they offer PR233 (Potter’s Pink), PG23 (Terre Verte/Green Earth), PBk19 (Slate Grey), PR259 (Ultramarine Pink).

However, be warned. These pigments seem to be fresh out the laboratory. They seem like precipitates with nothing in them.

Up to down: PR122, PG7, PB15:3

Phthalos and Quinacridones: Curse of the Flocculation

So, what you are seeing on those pictures is a mixture of brands. The paint section on the left is QOR, W&N Cotman series, and QOR, the right side is all Jackson’s pigments. These pigments surprised me. I thought I was getting a steal buying them. I really thought they were going to look one toned like the left paintings, but I was mistaken. There’s nothing inherently wrong with flocculation, in fact, it’s beautiful…however, if you’re trying to mix these pigments, they will separate in the mix.

I’m not against granulation at all, unless you’re using water, they’re like when you’re playing with sand at the beach and there’s water in it. I have genuine smalt and while they don’t have the big granule texture, they have the texture of always showing up no matter what. They ride in the water and look beautiful. I think if you’re not into color separation, you could use these for a background.

If anyone can tell me a way to mix and get the colors to mix as one or even just know the name, please leave a comment!

Benzymidazole Orange (PO36)

Benzy Orange is another one that flocculated. But I have a huge soft spot for red-orange types. You can imagine my face when I painted it on and saw it move like that. Fascinating! Literally a beautiful color (to me). I am reviewing and not giving much of an opinion, that will come shortly.

Benzy Orange moves with water. This picture is not dry so it’s easy to see it move.

I knew better with this one. PR101 (“synthetic “red oxide”) with PG23 (left, bottom) and NBr8 mixed with PB29 and PB35 mix (left, top)

This one (PR101) reminded me exactly of smalt texture, but this one had me upset! I might’ve not mulled it enough (I don’t have a muller. I use a palette knife, I don’t have mulling tools money) but dang it startled me. I actually don’t hate it. It’s just out there. I have to test my creativity with this one. It could be magnetic but I don’t have a strong magnet to test it on. It’s basically just huge iron granules and it’s so authentic that it also has that earthy red and brown undertone.🤤 Makes my paper look like I scattered dirt on it or it got moldy. Still like it though. It’s name is Transparent Oxide Brown.

Always write down what pigments are what or you’ll be like me and be unsure. I can confidently say that two PG23 are featured here, three PBr7 are here, PBk19, and mixtures are in here.
The honey was being wack, but I was trying to make a blue verditer and used the pigments listed on Daniel Smith’s page. It is PB29GS and PB35. I don’t know how I feel about it, but since I mixed it, I’m using it.
Here’s PO36 and PR101 Cadmium Red Light/Vermillion (left to right)

In general:

I think they’re fun and they’re great, but making paints is exhausting. I think these are worth the price and unless your selling and need a ton of pigment, they sell 10g, 25g, and 100g and a little goes a long way.

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Hi, hi!

So, currently I’ve made three paints so far with the new pigments that I have.

PG7 (Maimeri with ox gall is on the top left, the Schminke gum Arabic is on the top right, and the bottom is QOR.)
Top: Maimeri honey-based medium, Schminke Gum Arabic, and Schminke ox gall. Bottom: QOR watercolor medium and QOR synthetic ox gall.

So, I didn’t expect PG7 or phthalo green to come out looking textured…but things surprise me everyday. I used two different mediums. I used the QOR watercolor medium and synthetic ox gall and I also used Maimeri honey-based medium and the Schminke Gum Arabic and ox gall. The difference mostly is in the gum arabics. QOR clumped all the particles together (flocculation) and Schminke held the particles together and didn’t clump.

However, I believe the QOR watercolor medium is easier—for me, this isn’t a recommendation—to paint with with water. But the Schminke Gum Arabic is nice for applying on wet patches. The ox galls were exactly as mentioned in the previous post.

As for the pigment…whew it was annoying. The ox gall varieties made it nice and wet..but the particles are very fine particles, which cause it to stain. The pigment was irritating to mull (because it would move and shoot) and even worse to clean up. I knew what I was getting into, however, it’s one of my favorite pigment colors due to its vibrancy! 😩

Brown color (PR101, PBr24, PY150, PO20) and PG50

Now, for the brown color, I was trying to make something like a Quinacridone Gold, just because. It didn’t work, but I had fun. The other is cobalt green! It’s pretty and it looks very low staining, but it’s still gorgeous. The brown color with Schminke Gum Arabic and synthetic ox gall and the green is both Qor.

Dried palette

Here’s how the colors came out on the palette. I believe I added too much gum Arabic or that the honey medium prevents the paint from cracking. Fortunately, it’s still useable.

Rewetted watercolor

The colors are absolutely beautiful when rewetted from the palette. I love them.

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New Pigments and mediums haul

HI! I’m very happy to show you the pigments I bought. I’m trying to learn how to make watercolors, so I also bought some mediums from various brands.

There was no special idea why I bought the pigments. I also didn’t buy them to copy the masters. I bought many of them because I wanted to know how handmade paints can be made or if certain pigments have textures that I didn’t know because they’re manufactured. I will be trying some more later on.

I like a more scientific approach to doing some stuff and I like to have fun when I do it and I would love to have y’all see along the way. 🙂

The previous binder and ox gall did as they were known to do. They caused the pigment to shoot across the water (the binder) and sometimes would push other colors away (synthetic ox gall) as if it was alcohol or salt. It was fascinating to watch, but adding to much synthetic ox gall would coagulate with the honey I added and stick to the top.

Sounds bad now, but I didn’t properly measure out quantities instead measured with drops. 2-3 drops of each or the paint would get liquidy and disgusting. I really thought I was going to be okay with the texture of honey but honestly, I’m not sure…

Anyway, I will be updating about this, especially when I make watercolors out of them.

BTW: If I link a product, it’s because I want to reference it, but I do not have an affiliate link. I get nothing.