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Some Winsor and Newton Swatches: Dot Card

I told myself I wasn’t going to swatch these and make a video while swatching them out because people like those, but I just didn’t have any patience for myself and just swatched them anyway. I feel so bad…but I really like the colors I’ve swatched!

I just feel like there’s so many swatch videos online with dot cards doing the same route with their videos and I preferred just giving my opinion. I’m going to probably approach it differently because I’m lazy and I do stuff however I want and nobody can tell me what to do (unfortunately).

It’s not here, but I also added tinting information. This information is purely about dispersion then actual tinting. Sometimes with colors, you can tell exactly how they are because they’re so strong, they’ll beat up a color in a dark alley or when they spread, they spread far and that’s typically the higher tinting pigments. The weaker ones hide behind the higher tinting. Higher tinting typically is in colors with smaller particles, but it’s not always the case. Some of them are very weak. Other times, some granulating colors are not weak at all—like Cadmium Red, Orange, and Yellow. They also are very opaque, but opacity has nothing to do with tinting because PB35 is very opaque and it is low tinting.

To the juicy stuff: Which ones do I like so far?

  • Cadmium Free Red Deep (it’s nice and orange and moves with the water fast!)
  • Cadmium Red Deep (I’m obsessed with cadmiums!)
  • Rose Dore (it’s really cute and low tinting appearing. It just gives adorable.)
  • Quinacridone Red (this brand isn’t the best…but it’s a very beautiful color in masstone)
  • Permanent Carmine (Rich)
  • Permanent Rose (I like the way it looks like it has a lot of depth. I have no idea if it’s good at glazing, but it looks like it is because how light touches it, it seems as if it could create its own light source.)
  • Antwerp Blue (I hate Prussian blues typically because they look gray and icky, but this one is a different look to it that’s much thinner.)
  • Cerulean Blue Red Shade (I love this color, it is pretty. It’s no reason why I love it. I love it.)
  • Cerulean Blue (this one has visual depth to it that I really like. It’s probably closer to a sky color.)
  • Winsor Blue Red Shade (Same reason why I liked Permanent Carmine)
  • A lot of the blue granulating colors I like, I already have them so I don’t want to talk about them as much and more paints I haven’t experienced.
  • Indanthrone Blue is so beautiful and is a warmer version of Prussian blue that I like.
  • Quinacridone Violet…😤😍🥰 all I have to say. I feel strongly about it because it has depth to it but it’s also a very warm purple and I’ve loved warm purples since I was three.
  • Permanent Mauve is weak and hard to rewet…but oh my is so beautiful.🥰 It reminds me of flowers or something old fashioned and antique. So gorgeous. I really want this one.
  • Permanent Magenta is beautiful for the same reason Permanent Mauve is. I would one day love to own clothes with that color.
  • Tbh the whole orange section…I know I can’t buy all those paints, but they make me feel weak in the knees! I love orange! All purples/violets and oranges are good to me.

I feel like this isn’t the best dot card to test the consistency since they give you a little small, thin dot. This doesn’t affect me too much because I know places to retrieve Winsor and Newton that aren’t too overpriced, but if you didn’t have access, this would suck. (And is unfair…)

I feel like it’s a good purchase and all, but they need more paint on the dot cards or lower their price.😤

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Realism rant (bc I can)

I gotta give y’all a heads up. I am a college student that’s getting an visual arts bachelor’s degree. This is an OPINION, not a research article/journal. If I can find “proof,” great. Otherwise, you can just enjoy the writing if it means anything to you.

So, I stumbled upon this argument online.

I can’t say I disagree with most of the points, as I feel neutral about it. But one thing that stuck out to me was the part about having to study realism to have good art?

Tell me y’all, what’s your idea of realism? You probably won’t be wrong, but I’m sure we all will have different opinions on it.

So, what is realism?

Well, realism is when a picture represents reality. It’s simple.

That leads to when a picture is realistic. Commonly when one thinks of realism, they see hyper realism, photo realism, Baroque art, renaissance art, Leonardo da Vinci! Yes, those are realistic, but those aren’t necessarily the same type. In a contemporary art class, I learned the word mimesis—the deliberate copying of the real world. It was a very interesting concept to me because it was never my intention to copy anyone’s art completely. Mimesis, in the book/article we read in class was used to describe copying a picture exactly. The author claims that it is impossible to copy nature exactly and what we are really doing is denotation—which is the literal representation—but that doesn’t mean that we are replicating reality, but in fact, representing it. (This is taken from Reality Remade by Nelson Goodman)

I’ll use a common denotation.