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Musical inspiration

Hihi, y’all!

I feel like chatting about my inspirations today.

Typically, I wouldn’t find myself that interesting to talk about outside media that I like, but why not? I’m in the mood.

Just recently in my life, I’ve been really into non-American media—I have a very limited scope of outside media, it’s kind of an US thing to only see what my country picks out and be a bit unaware what’s going on. I’ve watched anime and read manga all my life, and typically that’s Japanese (I’ve also read culture variants on this medium like manhwa, manhua…so on).

Anywho, I think I’m going to start with music—because I like music.

While I love cinematic and theatrical performances, I typically don’t like and appreciate the culture (as in the fans) around so I don’t enjoy the media. I, however, LOVE movies with a whole lot of singing if the songs are good.

I love this song and performance so much. It’s amazing how it was produced. It looks cheesy somewhat due to new technology, but thinking about it for its time, it’s like “😳 woah!” I do not know exactly what this song means but I know the woman is Hidimbi and the man is Bhima and she’s trying to woo him—she’s at first trying to lure him in for her brother Hidimba so they can eat, but instead she falls in love with him and changes her appearance to a beautiful and fair lady and flirts. This is just the knowledge from the Wikipedia page for this movie Sri Krishna Pandaveeyam and the epic Mahabharata. I do not know if I’m correct and I do not know Telugu to confirm it.

Changure Bangaru Raja is one of my favorites because of the beats. Especially the breaks and how the woman dances to all of the breaks. I love her outfit changes too. But, the music has a draw to it that I do not understand. I honestly love it so much. I don’t get how the music is so mesmerizing, but I can listen for hours even though I don’t understand a word.😂

This one was a bit more amusing to me because I love how happy the playback singer is singing this song—his giggles are funny too. His voice is absolutely stunning and so soft. I also like how the characters move, NTR as Krishna is interesting because his movements are theatrical but also his expressions and movements to the music are pleasant and work so well with the music. I don’t know know the other character’s name or if he’s another form of Krishna, but his expressions make this song my favorite. How he holds his head and his moves is hands makes me smile and melt. Also, it’s really funny how (Bhima?) is in drunken asleep the whole song and the camera moves. 😂😂😂
I have absolutely no idea what this song means, I just find this character extremely cute and her dancing and motions absolutely amazing. Her body shape is also really nice. The other dancers are amazing, but she steals the show. I also like how the other characters look at her. I don’t know exactly what the lyrics mean, but how they sound with the music sounds pleasant.
I love Lata Mangeshkar’s singing so much—she has a very cute voice and it’s so powerful. The actress is great and I love how her outfit looks (is she wearing a kurti?), it has a vibe how in the US would be a country gal. I don’t know if she is, but I know she’s talking about a red dupatta.😂 I don’t know Hindi and even though I try to study it, I don’t know much. Haha. I still always like watching her perform and like watching the video.
I do not remember the two sisters names that are dancing this, but Lata Mangeshkar and her Usha really sang their hearts out. It’s so passionate and emotional. I wish I could sing like them. I couldn’t even dream dancing like the sisters. They’re amazing.
This song is so cute and I love how it moves and how it’s sung. I’m not a big romantic but this song tugs my heart strings. It’s so cute and makes me happy hearing it.💕 Teresa Tang didn’t have to sing this well, but she did. She’s amazing.
I don’t know what genre this is or if it would be considered highlife, but no matter what language it is I ALWAYS love music like this. usually when music like this is in Spanish, like with Celia Cruz (💕💕 I love her) I can understand it after listening for a while, but this is a bit confusing. When I looked up Njuzu it meant mermaid, but I’m not sure how accurate it is. It’s just so fun and inspiring listening to music like this.
German! If you’re into Opera, you’d know that this piece and opera is French and not German at all, (if you want to look it up, look up doll song or Les Oiseaux dans la Charmille) yet, the lyrics work so well in German. The librettist who translated it went off. I love this video so much for its uncanny wackiness. I love how the scientist is in love with his automaton and the young man he’s working with (I know a grown woman is playing him, but that’s just a common thing) is looking at him like he has something wrong with him falling in love with an inanimate object. I love how this woman embodies unhumanely robotic wind up doll movements. She doesn’t blink, she doesn’t smile. She is the doll. It’s so goofy and fun and an interesting way of performing. I wish she finished the song.
This genre of music is SO peaceful and meditative. I love how he blends genres. I am inspired by Kora and I wish my worldbuilding skills or drawing skills can help me create an similar instrument for my stories. I have characters that play instruments like these.
I love her singing so much. I love throat singing so much and I love the movement of the music and while I couldn’t and wouldn’t sing this, it’s very catchy. I hear this song often in my head. It’s soulful and she’s singing with her whole heart. I love the language but I don’t know what she’s saying at all or what it’s about but it’s so good. I love how folky and rhythmic it sounds. I also love the syncopation sounds.
This one feels so natural to hear to me. I’ve never grown up with Highlife—I grew up with Funk music and old Gospel music because my parents aren’t very young—but music of a certain time can have a vibe that draws anyone in. I don’t understand a word they’re saying but I enjoy the vibe this song brings.

I’m going to call this one a complete for now. If you noticed, I picked more Modern music (1940-1970), but if you go on my music playlist, you can see old songs and very new songs and pieces. I listen and enjoy some random stuff and a lot of these piqued my interest for my art and want to do animation, but also write music. (IF I WROTE ANY ERRORS, please tell me! Don’t hesitate so I may change it!)

See ya later, thank you for talking to me. Make sure to stay safe and hydrated.