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I’m so sorry I didn’t post today. I slept for a long time!

I’m still currently in pain now and sleepy (even though I’ve been awake) so I linked what I posted on IG.

(WP is giving me a hard time rn and I will fix the embed tomorrow when I’m not sleepy. Thank you for your patience.)

artwork Character building, but not anything specific The Framework Characters of Qoot!


It’s no holiday or anything; I just wanted to make a post about the main characters of my stories’ siblings! ☺️

Some of these characters are pretty interesting to me with how different or similar they are to their family or each other.

The lists of each character will get long, and they will have their separate posts in the future, but I want to make a post about them now!

Some of these characters have very outdated pictures of them or very flatly rendered pictures, as I didn’t completely integrate them into the story yet, or they were rushed onto the scene but weren’t fully drawn, and I’m still trying to get their facial features done.

Most of these are drawn as busts, which is embarrassing…but I like drawing faces and struggle with drawing bodies and faces together. Please bear with me. It’s an insecurity of mine.

When I make their official posts, you’ll see precisely how they look. It’s hard to draw each character and not make them look the same.

Siblings of Nedeme Adelewe

Adelewe has a sister named Adexe, who is four years older than them. She came out much darker than Adelewe and looked closer to their father than the mother.

Adexe is very clumsy like Adelewe, and since she has a very odd gait and how she holds herself, if she runs, she will fall. She has lumbar lordosis and frequently is in pain and has to get physical therapy.

She has dark brown hair but bleaches it to dye her hair wacky colors with flowers and other natural dyes.

When she was younger, she went to look for Adelewe after the boating incident (I will discuss later) when they went missing and struggled to find them but stayed around Bamygdala to find them.

The rest of Adelewe’s biological siblings died at a young age or childbirth.

Of course, Feyondo is Adelewe’s sibling, and they have a horrible but close relationship with each other, but he has a separate post you can find on this blog (it’s poorly written, so I have to update it!)

Feyondo (😂)

Savini is the older brother of Adelewe but is not biologically related to Adelewe. They are the biological son of Lupida (he doesn’t have a Nini-based name). Savini is closer to Adelewe than anyone else in the family. He is tall and not as skinny as his father. He’s ten years older than Alma.

I’m sorrryyy, I don’t have a picture of him!😣

Ane Noje

Noje has two siblings: one named Nemene and the other named None.

None and Noje are fraternal twins. Noje looks more like her female grandparent Naahale, and None looks more like her paternal grandfather, Nahande.

None is the same height as Noje, but they have different frames. Noje is shaped like a traditional Ane and is very voluptuous and pear-shaped. None is thin and has a less exaggerated pear shape and is shaped like a Ne. Her body doesn’t change even after she gets pregnant.

They both have eccentric chosen names that differ vastly from their names at birth. Noje is a male version of the name Nojele which is a type of flower in Ne. None means “it” and doesn’t refer to animate creatures.

Nemene is technically a half-sister of None and Noje. They’re considered blessings, but Nemene is regarded as a shortcut. Noje’s parents struggled to produce a child (here’s where the sci-fi part comes in), so the father, Nedale, goes to an underwater cave where Newe is—a semi-alive cloning machine with a semi-alive, ancient Najigi in it—and cloned himself.

Technically, Newe and Nedale are her parents instead of Nedale and Nidile. Four years later, Noje and None spawned with the blessing of “magic.” (I will not explain this further).

Nemene isn’t shunned for being a clone. She’s also considered beautiful to many people around Ne and is the standard of beauty in Ne, having big, long, curly hair, a lovely singing voice, a cute face, and quite athletic. She’s also quite sociable and has many of the qualities of her father that people like. The bad part is that she gets people sick around her, and she may or may not be able to reproduce (it doesn’t matter anyway because she doesn’t bear children.)

None is the opposite of Noje and is nonverbal mainly and communicates primarily in sign language. When speaking with others, Noje frequently talks over her and doesn’t always say the right thing. She’s unathletic, a loner, fails at conversations, and has a bad relationship with Naahale, who thinks she’s a failure compared to her father. She also has a terrible relationship with Noje and feels like she’s her shadow.

This is too long of a post for me to continue with the rest of the characters because some of them have a lot (like Feyondo and Noshili), or I posted them before.

artwork Hauls

The new palette

Y’all, I wrote my first post of today and fell asleep. Here’s my second post with the palette I mentioned. I’m still too exhausted to mention more, but if I don’t post this now, I never will.

  • Sennelier Indanthrene Blue (PB60)
  • Daniel Smith Manganese Blue Hue (PB15)
  • Grumbacher Academy Thio ® Violet (PV19)
  • I don’t remember the other color I added, but I believe it’s Winsor and Newton Alizarin Crimson Hue (PR206)
  • Daniel Smith Hansa Yellow Medium (PY97)
  • Van Gogh Titan Buff (PW6, PBr7)
  • Van Gogh Transparent Yellow Medium

My palette decision looks like a professional artist palette, but it feels kind of weird to me because I don’t like the vibrancy and it feels limiting to me. I don’t understand how, but I’m a complex individual and I have to accept that.

Anyway, have a nice day.

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Hey, June, how do you?

1 minute

Heyya, sorry for the late post.

Recently, I’ve bought new watrcolors. To see what it felt like, I specifically ordered 15ml-37ml tubes. I bought a limited set not to waste money I don’t have, and focus on the colors I just bought.

Keeping that in mind, I will be making a palette. If you are new here, you probably wouldn’t know that I struggle keeping up with palettes. If you aren’t–I’m sorry, I wanted something new.

Using up all the paint on that palette will be my goal for June.

At the moment, I haven’t thought of an idea to what the palete is for. All colors and their mixtures have a certain meaning; it can be obsecure to others. Where some people can comfortably use any colors to paint anything, I do not. If I don’t like it for depicting my characters, I will not use it.

I need to waste some other paint too so that’s that. You’ll see another palette come up–potentially. I wish y’all could see my process in action. Please be patient with me. 🙏

artwork Stories

Concept of a concept

Your freedom was written by a person you don’t know.

The world is out to get you, but not that person on the internet.

Your community is the only people who value you, everyone else is evil and just don’t get it.

Those have spawned you, those who pretended to love you.


Your freedom was written down on an article.

One you looked for in tears; you want to hear someone.

Hear sympathy written hopefully by a human.

How could this happen to an angel like you?

Everyone is evil. There’s no grace, no kindness, only evil.

It’s so sad because the defenseless who live in society—some who want others to protect them—will face evil.

Your freedom is posted on a Tiktok.

Your community is full of the only innocent people in the world.

Your community believes the only people that deserve to be alive are good people.

Bad people are people that hurt people. There’s only one way, only one type of person and there’s no escape.

One day, you will kill the witches for good.
It was a practice sketch for a guy in sea foam…it didn’t come out as I wanted and just kinda looks weird and vague. I think I like it enough. I adjusted my main palette and I will discuss my changes in a new post. Some of my changes are not forever as I’ve bought new paints…but, it’s nice to discuss it.

If anyone wants to give any suggestions on content (that isn’t long winded stories—those take longer than a month to write and I’m not gonna have you sitting here for a month waiting) they’d like to see, it would be helpful. Do y’all like my shorter stories and writings? Do you want more art? What’s up? (I’m trying to write character profiles now but they’re so long it’s difficult to put into a small post.)

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The alien makes touch down

There aren’t any known aliens with humanistic qualities we look for,
but there are aliens.
Except, I’m not a cool funky green guy.
I think you’d like me better if I was.

I like being around you.

I appreciate you letting me in, but it’s hard because it’s your world and I have to understand your beliefs, but you don’t have to understand mine.

I’ve learned and I’ve tried really hard.

Nevertheless, it’s always nice to talk to you!

I will try to do some color mixes before going in raw like this again. The thing about watercolors is that starting dark is a bit frustrating, but starting thick will always have problems. This painting is done. If I touch it, it will reactivate and create a blossoming effect…which isn’t terrible but it’s hard to control. As well, this watercolor flocculates badly and it’s opaque and dark. I didn’t want to thin it out because I didn’t realize that it wasn’t one of those. Anywho, I’ll try again. You’ll see the mixes I’ll do.

Have a nice one.

Post writing: It’s very hard to write short and sweet. Please tell me if I wrote too much.

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Giving up and moving on

I decided to split my content up and post in pages to make things optional to read!

Hey y’all, I decided to work on my art style a bit more. I decided to make the eyes smaller to see how it affects the characters. I don’t like it, but that’s because it’s new. I’m sure I’ll get into it later.

Have a nice day, stay hydrated, safe, and healthy.

For the next page, trigger and content warning: rant, complaining, negative.

Do not read ahead if you cannot handle that. I understand deeply that some things on the internet ruin my day and make me infuriated and that’s completely fine. Skip over it. I personally don’t mind having a discussion but if you slight me, you will be deleted.

Free speech is about as real as free will.


I’m taking a break from WordPress

I’m taking an actual break. I’ll see you again. Thank you for following me, but I will be back.

about me artwork


I feel intense,
When I can’t run my life.
When I can’t run anything.

I’m sinking in my bed,
only for the picture videos in my head,
to bully and stress me out and I have school.

I wanted to catch a break,
but I woke up tired.
I drew a picture of a woman dancing with a chicken on her head. It was another storyline fueled by an AU that I “wrote” where the characters do something where they receive parts of human culture through pictures but they don’t truly understand it and only work on aesthetic. I dropped it (the story) after I didn’t want the AU with my actual characters on it because doing the art, especially in class was exhausting and I lacked knowledge for it.

As per caption, I really like chickens and if I post my art, you can see them randomly show up at times. I do not take the time to draw animals like I should.

I am exhausted and time marches fast. I just want to make art, but it’s hard when I’m depressed. I write these to talk to y’all I am still taking a break. (I don’t want to take one but I need one)


I’m showing you my color mixing!

I took my shoes off to touch the grass,

I hate the bubble,

I felt nature in its own form

that we live in.

Was it supposed to wash my pain and memories?
It’s not surprising how we contribute such a neutral force to be good.

We really can’t stand each other.

When it’s in fact neutral.

We can’t live with each other without fighting.

You go here to ignore me, I go here to understand you.

Yet, you still want to make more of us without a single conscious thought.

Nature is as brutal as any of us, but it’s natural so it’s okay.

What’s your motivation? What’s your goal?

Do you feel less lonely?

Can you provide love to any of the beings you cursed here?

Did sitting outside wash you away of your sins that plague your head?

Are you happy, father? Are you happy?

Cause, I don’t understand why I’m out here on your advice.
Damijo colored.

The painting is as best I can do on non watercolor paper. I wanted something tinted and when I found that, the paper didn’t necessarily buckle but it fought with me. I’ve never had non watercolor paper fight with me so hard. Anyway, the cultural markings (those are made of makeup) were supposed to be red but since the red coloring pencil couldn’t show itself out on the paper, I decided not to fight the paper anymore. It’s just a sketch to learn what colors go with what. I think it’s okay but my dumb butt forgot this was supposed to be a story that I might have to digitize so oops. I’ll have to power through drawing something digitally and see what I get. Sorry for long captions.😵‍💫
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There’re no polls on WordPress

I’m so insecure about my art. I’ve been across all walks of social media and I want to improve my writing and my art skills so I can have amazing art for you guys but I’m so stressed on what to do and how to do it or how to manage content on this blog.

Unlike and YouTube, there are currently no polls here…but I want y’all to respond with y’all’s answers on here.

Should I post shorter parts of bigger stories and work on my art?

Or should I spend time writing the stories only here and place the art on Instagram?

Should I finish these stories (they’re fragments of a whole and not a true point A to B. That’s kinda how I write and focus.) and if I want a different story, post it on IG?

For my Instagram, would y’all prefer WIPs, videos/shorts, studies, and overall practice shots or only finished pieces? (I don’t have enough followers to ask on IG. Sorry.)

A lot of this stuff is hard to manage but it’s okay! I just hope you respond and stick around.😌

This time I struggled to draw the face and it looked like one of my other characters.

Currently I am in a moment where I feel like my art looks bad (this whole year tbh) and been feeling resentful….I know it means I need to work harder and work on it but mentally I am not in the correct state to do so.

Depression makes things like that extremely hard to do things consistently with the energy of a person my age. All these old masters either were on all types of drugs or had mania to help them produce art but I got the bad end of the mental illness stick (not that those are good, they’re awful) and I’m dysphoric and dysfunctional.

Anyway, I’ll see you. Thanks for talking to me.💕

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I finished!

Hey y’all,

I believe I missed out on some of y’all’s posts so I need to read them on my free time! Thank you so much for y’all’s patience!

Damijo listening in wedding clothes not colored.😂 (I didn’t finish)
artwork Hauls Reviews

Schminke Horadam Dot Card

Look y’all, I’m on my last day for the streak I wanted of ten days. Never doing that again. I hate scrambling for content and stupidly trying to do things on another. I only have two modules to go and I feel like I got punched in the face from somatic issues related to stress.

Unrelated to me!

These swatches are absolutely stunning. I really love Schminke already, they’re just a bit expensive for my taste! If I sold my art, I would totally buy some of these.

I’d hate to put a long list since this list is bigger than Winsor’s, I will discuss the color families I like. (Because otherwise, y’all would be here for hours or skip over boredly.) Some colors have a heart on them if I like them.

Earth yellows

Even though a lot of these were convenience mixtures and don’t show “true color-mixing skill,” they’re awfully beautiful. I really love the ones that offer opacity and brightness. I have no idea how they mix, but I know I’d use them diluted or in mass tone. These particular paints also went down smoothly even though they’re earth colors and granulating.🥺

Earth Reds

The more opaque the color is of this group, the more I love it. I do love when they’re transparent because they have a look I can’t explain, but the opaque ones feel comforting and heavy—like hot, thick soup on a winter day. I just cannot explain why these abstract examples make sense to me, but they do. Earth Reds are comforting, especially that English Venetian Red.🥰🥰🥰

Earth Browns

Earth browns are some of my favorite families in all watercolor brands hands down. There’s so many variations, varieties, textures, strains, hue changes, so on. They’re also typically the cheapest. I would never recommend a palette for someone, but these will be in a palette.

Back when I was younger, other than coloring some skin tones, I avoided browns in my art. I just didn’t really care for it and rather would have vibrant art. Vibrancy is still okay, but browns make vibrant colors vibrant. Brown is about equivalent to black and white.

It is the mixture of tertiary colors, complementary colors, or black and potentially white with hues. It’s great to mix those colors and get “muddy” variations.

Black and Whites

Same thing I said about browns. They add a different look to a painting and I think they’re fun to mix with. ☺️

Yellows and Oranges

I really liked Vanadium Yellow, chromium yellow light, transparent yellow, all the cadmium yellows, and pure yellow of the yellows because they are bright and clean. Some of them are very opaque which is good to me, but I know I can’t mix them with other colors who aren’t or they’ll look thick or ashy (chalky is the word, but chalk reminds me of the filler and ashiness is just what goes on top of something like legs, so I will use that.)

To be honest, like I said on my last swatch dot card that I love oranges? Well, I loved all of them. Especially Saturn Red.🥺 How is a color that beautiful? It borders between orange-red and red-orange and I love that.

I loved all the red-oranges too. If someone told me that I had an unlimited budget to buy what I wanted, I’d buy those first. They’re my soft spot. I did not like red-orange and orange-red when I was younger because I thought they were overrated, but I can totally get why people liked them.

Red and Violet

…eh? They were a bit…mid. Like, don’t get me wrong, I loved the perylenes, the quinacridones (the ones with the actual names), and the madders, but the colors offered in some other brands are cheaper so it’s…really not worth the buy. All of them are beautiful.

Violet and Blue

Manganese violet for the win. That is one truly fantastic color and this one was quite vibrant. My second favorite is ultramarine violet. 😅 I usually love this color in all brands, but I might consider this one because it’s sooo vibrant and actually still has some paint left over so you know it’s one that will last.😉😉

My favorite blues are also very biased…so, I leaned towards more the colors between delft blue and Paris blue. They just had that affect on me. I want to try ultramarine finest. It sounds very promising to have a less granulating ultramarine. Though, I do love granulating ultramarines.

Blue to Green

Usually I love chromium green oxide, but that one made me angry because it had limited paint on the dot card.😡 Anywho, olive green yellowish is something else!😍😍 Normally I hate colors that are convenience mixtures of green because they’re overhyped and I get my hopes up and their mixes upset me, but that one…that one had me stunned. I also liked sap green too. Cobalt green is a color I tried so hard to hate, but I’ve fallen into submission. I love it. (In this brand, idk about others, I’m sensitive).

However, I actually hated permanent green, May green, helio green (usually I like this one too…), and earth green (this brand). May green looking paints are always a terrible color when I mix them. They always look bad.😕 Permanent green isn’t ugly or anything, I’m just a hater and I just want to hate on it, and earth green was ridiculous to rewet.😡 This brand has no fillers really or that much binder to pigment and I’m in a humid climate yet it was ridiculous. 😡And even more ridiculous is that this is a dang convenient mixture and not PG23 makes it even more of a headache. I’ve had trash cheap brands rewet better. Still a beautiful color.

Overall, Schminke has lovely colors and paint and even if I got colors I hated, I’d still enjoy using them. This is just dot cards and not the best representative of the brand.


Who we are

Feyondo (I feel bad for not putting new art for characters and showing one that I didn’t even like…)
There are so many worlds to chose at the time,
so many journeys and adventures to explore.

That’s for you to ponder,
you don’t need the validation.
Sketches of how I think I should draw Najigi males. I know I shouldn’t care too much if they’re feminine looking or masculine, but it’s just as—if not more—exhausting if I don’t. I still have to care about believably.

Sorry for the low quality post today. I have been struggling to string content and while I’m drawing, some doodles are not what I’d post here.

artwork Character building, but not anything specific The Framework Characters of Qoot!



So, you know…I ran out of things to post…I really want to get my streak up on WordPress and I feel soooo stupid for caring, but practically, these next posts are going to be scheduled. I need to do my homework and I can’t keep pushing it back because I don’t feel like it. I refuse to have this Calculus class drop my GPA.😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨

TW: Abuse

artwork Character building, but not anything specific OC Building and Practices The Framework Characters of Qoot!


Sholi ghighi Celesi, the first husband of Neloni. This is him when he started losing hair and wore a hat.
A short but meaningful life
Remembered in thoughts
Immortalized by art

I don’t think I would make a long biography for him, because I only have three pictures of him.

So, things that I do to depict him:

  • When he’s alive, he’s typically looking anxious unless he’s with Neloni.
  • In the micosi, he’s transparent in color and wearing that hat or traditional clothes and typically looks healthy.
  • He’s tall, but not tall like Neloni who towers him almost.
  • He isn’t thin, but is nowhere near overweight or obese like other characters.
  • He has the same body shape as Sholi Flurisha (the younger male character)
  • He’s quite dark skinned, but not as dark as Nejame or Noje.
  • When alive, he always wore his marriage bracelet (about an equivalent to a ring) even when he’s showering and would show it off a lot, but wouldn’t discuss what it means because he didn’t want to incriminate himself or Neloni.
  • He cannot wear face paint or makeup (he’s an actor) for a long time or he’ll touch his face and smear it. He doesn’t like stuff on his face.
  • He wears clothing that isn’t too tight nor is baggy. He usually wears orange or blue on him no matter what—he always something orange or blue on his body or he’s uncomfortable.
  • He’s squirmy and fidgets a lot, but doesn’t fidget as much as Neloni.

Anyway, that’s all. Have a nice day.

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Some Winsor and Newton Swatches: Dot Card

I told myself I wasn’t going to swatch these and make a video while swatching them out because people like those, but I just didn’t have any patience for myself and just swatched them anyway. I feel so bad…but I really like the colors I’ve swatched!

I just feel like there’s so many swatch videos online with dot cards doing the same route with their videos and I preferred just giving my opinion. I’m going to probably approach it differently because I’m lazy and I do stuff however I want and nobody can tell me what to do (unfortunately).

It’s not here, but I also added tinting information. This information is purely about dispersion then actual tinting. Sometimes with colors, you can tell exactly how they are because they’re so strong, they’ll beat up a color in a dark alley or when they spread, they spread far and that’s typically the higher tinting pigments. The weaker ones hide behind the higher tinting. Higher tinting typically is in colors with smaller particles, but it’s not always the case. Some of them are very weak. Other times, some granulating colors are not weak at all—like Cadmium Red, Orange, and Yellow. They also are very opaque, but opacity has nothing to do with tinting because PB35 is very opaque and it is low tinting.

To the juicy stuff: Which ones do I like so far?

  • Cadmium Free Red Deep (it’s nice and orange and moves with the water fast!)
  • Cadmium Red Deep (I’m obsessed with cadmiums!)
  • Rose Dore (it’s really cute and low tinting appearing. It just gives adorable.)
  • Quinacridone Red (this brand isn’t the best…but it’s a very beautiful color in masstone)
  • Permanent Carmine (Rich)
  • Permanent Rose (I like the way it looks like it has a lot of depth. I have no idea if it’s good at glazing, but it looks like it is because how light touches it, it seems as if it could create its own light source.)
  • Antwerp Blue (I hate Prussian blues typically because they look gray and icky, but this one is a different look to it that’s much thinner.)
  • Cerulean Blue Red Shade (I love this color, it is pretty. It’s no reason why I love it. I love it.)
  • Cerulean Blue (this one has visual depth to it that I really like. It’s probably closer to a sky color.)
  • Winsor Blue Red Shade (Same reason why I liked Permanent Carmine)
  • A lot of the blue granulating colors I like, I already have them so I don’t want to talk about them as much and more paints I haven’t experienced.
  • Indanthrone Blue is so beautiful and is a warmer version of Prussian blue that I like.
  • Quinacridone Violet…😤😍🥰 all I have to say. I feel strongly about it because it has depth to it but it’s also a very warm purple and I’ve loved warm purples since I was three.
  • Permanent Mauve is weak and hard to rewet…but oh my is so beautiful.🥰 It reminds me of flowers or something old fashioned and antique. So gorgeous. I really want this one.
  • Permanent Magenta is beautiful for the same reason Permanent Mauve is. I would one day love to own clothes with that color.
  • Tbh the whole orange section…I know I can’t buy all those paints, but they make me feel weak in the knees! I love orange! All purples/violets and oranges are good to me.

I feel like this isn’t the best dot card to test the consistency since they give you a little small, thin dot. This doesn’t affect me too much because I know places to retrieve Winsor and Newton that aren’t too overpriced, but if you didn’t have access, this would suck. (And is unfair…)

I feel like it’s a good purchase and all, but they need more paint on the dot cards or lower their price.😤

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Updates and chat!

Hey, y’all! I’m setting up an Instagram! It is very new, but I do encourage you to follow me. Maybe my captions will get better.😞

Unrelated, it’s been great to paint and create. Really frustrating, but great. I really hate posting on social media because after a while, I get burn out with making ideas, trying to sell, juggling other priorities in life. An art career is something I’m not into because honestly, it’s draining to create.

When I say I put my heart, time, and soul into these things, I mean it. Just having people who care about my content I post means so much to me. I really appreciate y’all. Especially when we have discussions on your blogs and my blog.😢 I respect y’all.

So, it’s motivated me enough to try these things and try more of course it’s not only attention focused or validation focus, my watercolor skills have gotten a lot better and so have my drawing skills—even my confidence has. When I’m done with my class, I’ll show you all my paintings. I’m not the best at managing my time and I could be maximizing my time or whatever, but I’m actually proud of myself for getting a lot of my classwork done at an appropriate time and not starting too late.☺️ It’s something of a blessing that I’m gaining willpower.😁

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I’ll take it

I’m tired, I’m tired.
I was wondering why I was alone.
Then I found out I’m the problem.
I’m the problem.

I take full responsibility.
I am the problem.
Any answer to why is an excuse,
I am sorry for doing human things.

Some people do them and they’re followed around
like a hen with her chicks.
but I’m the problem
for assuming the same would happen with me.

I don’t say things to be mean to you,
I catch myself being honest,
Sharing my opinion.
When I’m honest, it means I care about you.

I don’t think I understood I may have hurt your feelings.
Nobody deserves to have their feelings hurt.
Even when it’s in a conversation.
I take responsibility.

I’m sorry I didn’t create a space where you didn’t feel like you can express your emotions.
Or I wore you out with my problems when you didn’t want to discuss anything like that.

I just felt so safe with you.
We used to share conversations more,
but I got too sensitive and argumentative
too passionate it was toxic.

You cut me out of your life with a dry text and no explanations on your disappearance.
You’re laughing and bonding with other people, don’t think I can’t see you on social media.
I’m glad you’re happy, I’m not and I doubt I ever will be.

There’s nothing wrong with you,
you wanted to be happy and I couldn’t give it to you.
You wanted to talk about your friends and family and your interests.
I wanted to talk about my woes and my passions.

I wonder if we were ever friends,
but I enjoy our memories. 😔

Swatches and update on palette

Hello, y’all.

I was apparently too tired today to do anything productive and slept the whole day! Anywho, I did the swatches and finished my palette.

When I get the energy I will swatch on more textured paper, do some mixing charts, some studies, and then a painting hopefully. I personally would love to put all this work (except the final painting) in a sketchbook…and I may craft one. I’ve been trying to do that. Maybe I’ll record myself doing that.🤭

So sorry this was so short, I’m still tired.😩