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An attempt is made

I am trying to write poetry in Spanish and French

I’ve been trying to learn Spanish for the past five years and my skills have greatly suffered due to lack of speaking and lack of writing. I made a side blog for it, but it’s hard to jump into things like that and find content. There are things I can write and I can use a dictionary, but I do not have the confidence to know I’m using correct words. I hate getting things wrong—which is stupid because why hinder progress because you’re afraid of failure?😂

I keep packing on other languages but don’t do anything to keep up with it.

I will write a small poem (or more) on here, it should be my only poem (s) on here not in English, as I would prefer this blog to not be in anything but my first language.

En español

Aprendiendo es difícil

Es difícil pensar de nuevas maneras,

Cuando las palabras son desconocidos,

Cuando las palabras no hace venir,

Como lo harían con unos hablantes nativos.

Siento un dolor en mi estómago

Cuando no puedo pensar en una idioma,

Mi idioma yo practiqué durante años

Siento que un idiota.

Soy un principiante…o solo intermedio.

Ojalá hubiera aprendido de niño.

No puedo expresarme.

No puedo pensar en mi lengua de destino.

Quiero aprender,

Deseo hablar con el corazón.

Quiero entender,

Me estoy perdiendo la comprensión.

Deseo decir lo que pienso.

Me estoy perdiendo historias…

Quiero escribir historias intenso.

Quiero mis historias ser glorias.

What I want to say:

It’s difficult to talk in a new way
When words are unknown
when the words don’t come as they would with a native speaker.

I feel an ache in my stomach
when I don’t understand a language I practiced for years.
I feel dumb.

I am a beginner or maybe intermediate,
I wish I learned as a kid.
I can’t express myself.
I can’t think in my target language!

I want to learn.
I wish to speak with my heart,
I want to understand,
I’m missing out on comprehending things.

I wish I could say what I think
I’m missing out on stories.
I want to write intense stories that are glorious.

En français

Je suis limité à quelques mots,

Quand je veux te parler.
Je parle par fragments
D’un dictionnaire.
D’un traducteur.

Je suis un menteur
Si nous avons parlé
Je ne comprendrais pas un mot !
Je suis un imposteur.

Pourquoi ?

Je parle avec un traducteur,
Je parle avec un dictionnaire.
Je ne peux pas penser en français,
Je ne peux pas parler en français.

J’ai besoin d'apprendre.
Je veux te parler.
Je veux mon français soit…français,
Je veux partager mes pensées comme un humain.

Un jour…

Translation (more like what I want to say)

My words have a limit
When I want to talk to you,
I can only speak in fragments
from dictionaries and translators.

I’m a liar,
if we spoke, I wouldn’t understand a word…
I’m a fraud.

how so?

I can communicate only with a translator,
with only a dictionary,
I cannot think in French,
My words don’t process in French because I don’t know French.

I need to learn,
I want to speak with you.
I want my French to be translated with French in mind instead of English and Spanish,
I want to verbalize my humanity!

Maybe one day…

There’s a link in my homepage with a just as weird titled blog where I write random stuff (and want to write random stuff) in—typically—Spanish. I haven’t posted much into it because writing in different languages make me exhausted. Maybe one day my skills will improve and I can write in other languages like Italian, Portuguese, and Hindi—and also write like myself in my other languages previously mentioned. Maybe someday. Maybe someday I’ll have a conlang to write in. (😭 I don’t understand how some people can make those so fast…)

Anywho, please take care and stay hydrated and healthy.

19 replies on “An attempt is made”

I think the fact that you’re trying is the start to something wonderful. Everything takes a hell a lot of practice, but keep at it. You’ve inspired me to take French classes which I’ve been wanting to take for a long time.

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Tú poems es muy bonita! Yo también tengo el mismo problemas. It can be really hard to express yourself or keep up with content that’s not in your native language! Buena suerte en FEETS! ^_^

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¡Claro! Siempre me apresuro mi progreso como si tengo un variedad. Unfortunately and fortunately things take time and I have no reason to rush myself, but I just really want to speak the language and communicate properly. It’ll happen one day, pero hoy no es eso día.😂😂


AW FEETS just the challenge of taking on the task of learning new languages is honestly a great thing AND IM SO PROUD OF YOU FOR THAT. i cant read spanish OR french but the english translations of your poems are BEAUTIFUL. also this: “When I want to talk to you, I can only speak in fragments from dictionaries and translators.” I’M IN LOVE WITH THE LINES OKAY.

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Could relate to both poems. I’ve been learning German for a few years now and it’s tough when no one else around you speaks the language but I’m still trying. Good job with the poems in Spanish and French. I no longer understand either although I knew the simplified versions of both when I was younger.

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German? That’s a very random language considering where you live.😂

There’s so many apps but there’s too many weirdos online that want too much and say too much and constantly wanna see if you’re a real person then act weird. I literally only want to write stories and do language art and make memes because while there are plenty of Spanish speakers where I live, I would struggle to speak to them in English (bc I can’t hold a conversation).😂😂😂

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I know it sounds random but German is a thing here and they even offer it in high school 😅

Yeah, I stay away from such sites. It always ends weird and I don’t want to interact with people like that I want to talk to real people in real life but unfortunately that’s not happening any time soon 😅

Lol I see, well maybe in the future you’ll speak more fluently in Spanish and be able to converse with them!

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Oh really? When my mom was in school, it was the same but nowadays, it’s much more common to learn French and Spanish.

Does learning German have to do something with science or something or do y’all have a something that would make German necessary to learn in comparison to…you know…Chinese? Seems like there’s Chinese people all around Africa? Or why not something else? I don’t know. I don’t live in Kenya. Do y’all learn Arabic?

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Oh I see, we don’t have Spanish here but French, Chinese and German are pretty common.

Yeah, lots of Chinese people here so they offer Chinese too. I think German is just a popular language in certain parts of Africa and so they may be offering it because of that. No we don’t learn Arabic but they have specific tutors if people do want to learn.

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Tres bien. Je ne connais pas Espagnol, mais … The poems were good, and I’ve just realized that I’ve forgotten most of my french too. French and spanish seem to be easy if you speak English. I studied Hindi for three years in school, but I still have trouble forming simple sentences. Mandarin is supposed to be really difficult to learn.

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Hehe, I get it.

French and Spanish are easy only because the amount of cognates and similarities in structure. They’re both (and mostly formed) in subject-verb-object while Hindi is formed in Verb-Object-Subject….and the language has some cognates with English, but mostly it has cognates with Arabic, which I STRUGGLE with.

Mandarin is difficult for an English speaker, definitely because those sounds and the way of tones, but arguably, I think Arabic is harder.

There’s hardly any sources to learn Hindi and Arabic, Arabic has more but it’s mostly religious and I am not affiliated or subscribe to Islam. I realize that’s just going to be a thing that happens though and I have deal with it.

If I lived in a space that spoke Hindi or lived near people that spoke it and more than one language, it wouldn’t be as hard, but since I’m a monolingual speaker from the US, it’s 100X harder.

Don’t you speak Bengali or did I forget?

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Kannada…. and I can speak a little, but I’m not a master. My mother tongue is supposed to be Malayalam but I can’t speak it at all. I just add ‘um’ to Kannada words and hope that people can understand them. There are a lot of similarities between the two languages luckily.

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Ohhhh! My bad!

Kannada is a beautiful language. I have a deep fascination with Dravidian languages, but it seems like Duolingo and other resources don’t care about them so there are no resources!😭

That’s funny that you do that because people do with Spanish here. They’ll add an -o so it’ll be the word “wrong” and they’ll say “wrongo”/ “wrongamundo” (from some show I forgot) or it’ll be “no problem” and they’ll just say “no problemo” instead of “no hay problema” and will have the WORST accent ever!

Or add -eth to most words regardless if it’s a noun or verb to make something sound old and Shakespearean.

Except, I’m assuming yours actually makes sense.😂

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