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Writing as one of my ocs

Writing as the character Feyondo.

I typically don’t like walking out
When it is unruly blackness and I
Have to watch where I am going in fear
I will not make it home for supper; it
always makes me fearful. I stay awake

Thinking about the night. I remember
Looking at the abyss and two eyes there
Peered in front of me, opening; I didn’t
wait to see if a smile would appear ‘cause
I took off running to my wife and kids.

I was in the mood to write poetry and use a syllable counter to write each line with ten syllables. I do not know how to write with iambs and feet or really understand how to do any of that stuff. No matter how much I read on it, I don’t understand. I don’t understand it even to make a conlang.

There are just humongous holes in my linguistics and it’s ridiculous how I have characters that are highly educated and intelligent and skilled with abilities that I do not possess or aren’t at the level yet. I want to be great a lot or call myself a polymath, but I’m a bonehead as of now. A young bonehead.


20 replies on “Writing as one of my ocs”

The more we learn anything the more we know how little we know! You are at the right age to be learning and growing (well, I’m much older and I’m doing the same thing). Love the poem! It really sets a certain mood.


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