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I write about Flurisha’s parents and little tidbits about them.

Anywho, I felt like showing redrawings of Lupita’s parents. I will give a brief thing about them, but I’m not going to give too much. Unfortunately since the dad doesn’t have more than a filler name, he will be referred to as Emilio. Naming languages are very hard. I love when things sound right.

Anywho, Emilio is a Ta-Sol that went the military route to become a citizen (changes his race but not his caste). While in this military, they’re allowed to pick wives and husbands (if they’re women) out of the market. NOTE: I fully condemn this, I literally am just writing a story.

So, anyway, he picks Piropini who just finished a university of music up north and was immediately captured. Her son was unfortunately abandoned.

Piropini was moved back to her home country, Sholi, which she tried hard to get out of, so her husband could set camp up to shoot the Solies there.

Emilio doesn’t want to shoot the Solies but basic rights flood his head so does his job which traumatizes him and he beats Piropini into a pulp, threatens her a lot, and beats her kid—Maliso. Piropini is so ashamed of being with Emilio that after she has Lupita, she goes on hard drugs. She doesn’t know anything what Emilio does with her or her two kids because she numbs it out. (Which fuels Flurisha’s drug habit later).

Anyway, let’s talk about depictions. Emilio’s will be brief because he dies in combat and Piropini runs away.

  • Sholi ghighi Piropini is very short and wide and is top heavy. Since most Sol Solies kind of are malnourished, she’s considered very beautiful.
  • Piropini and Nilili are the same skin tone, but Nilili is less cooler toned.
  • Piropini lives near Nisholi, even when she was younger, she’s used to Jinhi and finds them pretty and has crushes on them and will make friends with them, but wouldn’t convert.
  • She was pregnant at sixteen and it made her gain weight, but she deals with it.
  • Drugs wore her down, she, like Lupita can drag when they speak and have raspy voices.
  • Her mouth twitches a lot and she shakes out of fear; Piropini also has very tired eyes and looks like she has to sleep.
  • She has a gap between her two front teeth and has crooked teeth in general, especially her bottom row. I don’t think about character’s teeth that much because they’re simplified.
  • Piropini doesn’t leave the house without nail polish and at Soli festivals, she always has on humongous earrings.


  • He’s quite light and a bit lighter than Neloni (considering I colored them recently😓)
  • He’s thin and tall for a Ta-Sol.
  • His eyes are always wide like he’s looking for something but still are glossy, especially when he’s hurting her. Piropini sometimes gets scared of Lupita if he gets angry because of that.
  • His face is always in a frown with wide eyes. He’s traumatized and is heavily indoctrinated. He’s also killed a lot of his family and community for his freedom.
  • When he’s not at work, he sits around for a long time staring into space, getting PTSD and thinking his wife and kids are the enemy, or he’s roaming around lost with wide, glassy eyes—he can’t respond to people in this state.
  • His hair is relaxed straight. He has wavy hair very similar to Flurisha’s. It’s also red. He doesn’t have dark eyes, but they’re not light.
  • He wrings his wrists, bites his lips nervously, talks to himself, and whispers or makes random noises.
  • He’s pigeon toed. He also has amazing posture.
  • He originally has long hair as a kid, but he cuts it after joining the military. This depiction of him is when he’s not deployed because then his hair is shorter.
  • He is not from Sholi and from Voli (I know, creative, right?🙄) and shares more features from Voli Piropini (who I’m sure I have a picture of on this account on previous posts).
  • His voice is deep and is almost in rumbles. It scares some of the people in Bamygdala but not in Sholi where is normal to have a deep and low voice.
  • He doesn’t speak with a Soli accent and speaks like someone from the southern region. He speaks quietly in mumbles or he talks rapid fast. Flurisha doesn’t talk like that, but Maliso speaks rapidly fast.

Anyway, that’s all. Just a blurb.


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😂😂 I love math, I hate calculus. Algebra was so fun and calculus with more algebraic equations were so much fun, but this other crap is a NO.

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I’m crying.😂😂😂 I completely understand that—and that’s how I felt for a while too. When I was in school, I hated physical activity classes and health. I still don’t like health classes.

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Neloni: (the blond)
Nilili: (the darker skinned lady)
Voli Piropini: (the one that says Piropini. I have her painted on the Soli article here under very generic solie outfit)

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