artwork Character building, but not anything specific The Framework Characters of Qoot!


I write about Flurisha’s parents and little tidbits about them.


So, you know…I ran out of things to post…I really want to get my streak up on WordPress and I feel soooo stupid for caring, but practically, these next posts are going to be scheduled. I need to do my homework and I can’t keep pushing it back because I don’t feel like it. I refuse to have this Calculus class drop my GPA.😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨

TW: Abuse


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😂😂 I love math, I hate calculus. Algebra was so fun and calculus with more algebraic equations were so much fun, but this other crap is a NO.

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I’m crying.😂😂😂 I completely understand that—and that’s how I felt for a while too. When I was in school, I hated physical activity classes and health. I still don’t like health classes.

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Neloni: (the blond)
Nilili: (the darker skinned lady)
Voli Piropini: (the one that says Piropini. I have her painted on the Soli article here under very generic solie outfit)

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