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Sholi ghighi Celesi, the first husband of Neloni. This is him when he started losing hair and wore a hat.
A short but meaningful life
Remembered in thoughts
Immortalized by art

I don’t think I would make a long biography for him, because I only have three pictures of him.

So, things that I do to depict him:

  • When he’s alive, he’s typically looking anxious unless he’s with Neloni.
  • In the micosi, he’s transparent in color and wearing that hat or traditional clothes and typically looks healthy.
  • He’s tall, but not tall like Neloni who towers him almost.
  • He isn’t thin, but is nowhere near overweight or obese like other characters.
  • He has the same body shape as Sholi Flurisha (the younger male character)
  • He’s quite dark skinned, but not as dark as Nejame or Noje.
  • When alive, he always wore his marriage bracelet (about an equivalent to a ring) even when he’s showering and would show it off a lot, but wouldn’t discuss what it means because he didn’t want to incriminate himself or Neloni.
  • He cannot wear face paint or makeup (he’s an actor) for a long time or he’ll touch his face and smear it. He doesn’t like stuff on his face.
  • He wears clothing that isn’t too tight nor is baggy. He usually wears orange or blue on him no matter what—he always something orange or blue on his body or he’s uncomfortable.
  • He’s squirmy and fidgets a lot, but doesn’t fidget as much as Neloni.

Anyway, that’s all. Have a nice day.


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He’s one of the cutest characters I’ve drawn. He’s literally so adorable. I don’t know how, but he’s cute. I always like drawing him but I get scared of drawing him often.


☺️ Thank you! I write more about them then I draw them. I have so many stories and writings about them. I also work very hard to imagine them moving just in case I learn to animate, I’ll already have it down.

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