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Updates and chat!

I’m just talking about my mood and advertising my Instagram.

Hey, y’all! I’m setting up an Instagram! It is very new, but I do encourage you to follow me. Maybe my captions will get better.😞

Unrelated, it’s been great to paint and create. Really frustrating, but great. I really hate posting on social media because after a while, I get burn out with making ideas, trying to sell, juggling other priorities in life. An art career is something I’m not into because honestly, it’s draining to create.

When I say I put my heart, time, and soul into these things, I mean it. Just having people who care about my content I post means so much to me. I really appreciate y’all. Especially when we have discussions on your blogs and my blog.😢 I respect y’all.

So, it’s motivated me enough to try these things and try more of course it’s not only attention focused or validation focus, my watercolor skills have gotten a lot better and so have my drawing skills—even my confidence has. When I’m done with my class, I’ll show you all my paintings. I’m not the best at managing my time and I could be maximizing my time or whatever, but I’m actually proud of myself for getting a lot of my classwork done at an appropriate time and not starting too late.☺️ It’s something of a blessing that I’m gaining willpower.😁


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Thank you. I’m trying to see all your comments. Literally WordPress told me I had no spam comments (a lot of people that respond here go to spam a lot😠 so I have to check) next thing I know all your comments showed up. I just don’t get it. Why does it do this???


Stressed but very confident. I am not going to stress too much about a schedule because then I’m going to stress out. For me, making the account and having content is enough.😮‍💨

But otherwise, pretty good.☺️👍

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