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Watercolor ideas

An update on my palette

I’m still creating my palette and it’s quite fun. I enjoy combining color combinations and patterns together. I’ve always liked patterns even though, funnily, I like abstraction too.

Selling stuff isn’t really fun to me (in this part of my life) but I do like doing diet science experiments like palette creating and testing. Where are the careers where you do stuff like that? Like making palettes and mixing them and showing pictures? I’m not sure I’d get paid for it. Maybe I should try instagram for that.(🤢😭) I want to experiment with that.

I wanted to get into handmade watercolor selling, but I want to make videos and content showing my expertise! But, really, I would like my art abilities to shine through.


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🫣 WordPress is bullying me and put all your comments into spam and I’m trying to respond to all of them while this dumb thing refreshes. I am so sorry that I just now saw these.


Good point.🤔 I had to redo my Instagram account so I’ve followed people and I’m going to try posting again. However, I’m steering away from the explore page and trying to limit my time on there because I love arguing.😂

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Thank you! It’s almost finished! It’s just curing, basically. It takes a while for watercolors harden.

(Also, I’m not sure why this comment went to spam. WordPress confuses me.🙃)


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