Here’s some art that I have done!

I give you a verbose description of the things I’ve drawn recently. I’ve drawn more than this, but since these are established characters and storylines on my blog, I’ll share them since I am comfortable.

Since I over wrote on the captions and not down here because I was too overly excited to write about them all, I’m not going to write much down here.

Thank you for talking to me. I’ll see you. Stay safe and hydrated!


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I know right. After I was done drawing her, I was like dang, she’s beautiful. Some characters I draw are so pretty and some of them are just yikes (I still love them the same).


Anyone does, but you have to enjoy what you make, even if it’s not “good.” My art isn’t great to everyone, but I’ve gained a lot of confidence over the years to try new things.

But even then, your poems are a lot like a painting or drawing. All of them are different yet are you. A picture is worth a thousand words but words are worth a thousand pictures and all are so different to different people.

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I always enjoy how diverse your characters are. And that they all have an interesting story to them. The expressions are also interesting. I can never do that when I draw people. My drawings usually don’t have any expressions lol.

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I used to be like that. I had generic faces for the past 12 years of drawing. I study people’s features before I draw them and I drew a lot of characters in the past looking at references with my face. In fact, all the characters with names on my blog are drawn with an abstraction of my face with features added on.

If you notice too, I draw characters that have strange anatomical features that aren’t human. I don’t think I could capture the realness of an actual human without looking at a reference. They’re still wonky.

You probably can develop that skill, I didn’t develop reference skills very well so a lot of times my art will end up looking too much like the reference. Keep using references because it’s so much more worth it and your style will be more complex.😂

But thank you sooo much. I appreciate it. I struggle with characters looking unique.☺️

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