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It’s a short short story about Dell before his fall with some random topics.

There’s someone there. He caught my eye a long time ago. He was an idea of freedom, an idea of absolute power. Though, he may not be an innocent gent like I want him…he was perfect.

He believed he caught me coincidentally. By the sun, by the moon, at his apartment, at the park…

There’s no such thing as coincidences.

I don’t know what love is, but I know what I want. I want him, I want his skin, I want his life, I want to wear his body, I want to strangle him and watch him bleed out.

So, I followed him into the street. I wanted his attention. He turned to me.

“Oh? Dell?” He said softly. “You’ve followed me again. I’m not really in the mood to talk.”

“But, sir,” I replied. “I just want…well, I don’t want to talk to you. You’ll be okay.”

“But, you’re always walking behind me?” He said. “Why? Go away.”

“I don’t want to,” I replied. “I don’t think I am.”

He was just a skinny, defenseless man. Someone in our society that anyone would love. I’d kill to be him. He is perfection. He knows my name and who I am. He won’t let me follow him.

“Dell, please,” he said softly. “Go away.”

“If I have to go,” I replied. “I need a kiss goodbye.“

“No,” he said. “We are in public. I don’t like guys or you.”

They just put out with anyone.

Very well.

We were in the square. He stared at me in fear. It was everything I wanted. It was orgasmic. I just needed to see that. Everyone was watching and I needed them to.

Nidili mi li li
wòhédi me chidaré
tune tuni

His eyes widened with my knife, I imagined it reflecting his face. I am the knight, he is the dragon. His end is the gold. I slayed him. It was much harder to do that so, I had to do laborious slaughters. He was like slaughtering a pig.

Covered in sweat, I was dragged away watching his spirit.

Shidùrú a Nini
Nidili a Nini
micosi mi micosi súi

I was tied by my neck. I wasn’t going to go to Nini. It was a force conversion. I wasn’t taught to repent. I don’t know where I was going…but I felt happy the shidùrú acknowledged me beyond humans. It was divinely pleasant watching how angry people were at me, even though it was his doing. It’s his fault. He was there and interacted with me, he made me his bedmate.

My audience screaming at me made me so hard. I love their attention. I know they’ll be happy when I die.

I lost consciousness slowly, but I heard music and fell through the ground and fell through a sky.

This story is written to be a first person perspective of an in story movie character based of off a religious figure. I was a bit curious to write this out, but I might have to do it again because it’s not morbid enough. Probably because it lacks details. The character is not a psychopath or a sociopath, just is jolted and disturbed by interactions by this man previously. It’s beyond, you are so attractive, I don’t know if I want to date you or be you. It’s more: You we’re entitled to me, I’m entitled to you. You marked me, I am yours, you are mine. I want to date you, I want to be you, we have to be one. You don’t deserve to live without me.

The aforementioned character’s name is Dell.

Dell is a feminine name in Adis culture and is in a very similar story as Bamygdala Dell but she is a victim of homophobia and her girlfriend was killed brutally—Bamygdala’s Dell is made out of xenophobia and homophobia. He is usually depicted as a Jinhi with stars around his head as if he is constantly dreaming or was smacked in the head, or sly and/or demonic.

A person with a mild Jinhi fetish and a taste for a homoerotic story wrote a character that kills a citizen of that country yet isn’t a citizen himself but an enslaved person or similar. After killing the man, he is put to death but not after he speaks some words in Jinhi (the ones I have on there are partial gibberish because it’s hard to conlang. That’s kind of how the language looks at least.) and sinks into the ground and comes out of a sky in some underworld and meets a whole ton of other characters. (Which I’m too tired to write about)

Anyway, thanks for talking to me. Make sure to sleep well, stay healthy, and hydrated!

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Dang! This was dark and intense in the best way. Have you seen the show “You” on Netflix? I’m not comparing the stories, but like your story the show goes into the mindset of a stalker as he rationalizes why he does the things he goes. I’m always fascinated by these type of stories and you did a good job of getting into that twisted mind where the character doesn’t see it as violent but rather the logical ending of their story.

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