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Oodles of noodles. Herds of words

Some esoteric words have a very confusing meaning but mean the same thing. Some words are in a hierarchy and it’s unfortunate when they die or go extinct for words that are more formal and less frowned upon.

I always wonder what people’s words mean, what they mean in context but I fail to understand them. Sometimes just listening helps, sometimes I ask. Sometimes I just never understand them.

It is like the Tower of Babylon. Some of us know the same language but have different vocabulary and grammar.

Some words are prescribed to others and make their words and little communities escape. Not everyone’s inner language essence can be protected and cared for if it isn’t written down. Communities mix and mingle their community essence and are forgotten.

Words…words like yeet versus thrown aren’t bad. Neither is “cool,” cat, and other slang from the past. They are alive at that moment and are in their golden age. To some, fleek is dead. Poggers or others. But that wasn’t my topic.

It was more on similar words with esoteric meanings and scientific words. Is lack of understanding the reason why they’re separate? Why can’t the loveliness of divination can be combined with science? Why is one more evil than the other in heavily guarded communities? Why do some people make it a personality trait?

I made a goofy little story about atoms, well specifically elements and not atoms, being created/formed in the solar system after the Big Bang….I wanted to mystify it. Why? Because it’s fun. If someone wanted to mystify it, it wouldn’t be bad because it’s still science, no? Or are we all supposed to think the same?

I think some people don’t understand each other or know how fallible “experts” of any field can be and how absolutes are hard to find if they do exist. If you make them exist, you aren’t faithful to looking at things from an objective perspective. I think most people who think they’re objective think they’re objective because they say so. Not because they can prove it. Even then, proof is only proof if you can believe it. That goes to the pseudoscience route. It’s pseudoscience or bull crap because there’s no proof it does as is nor proof against it.

That level of uncertainty makes a couple people go bleak. Somewhat I thrive on it. Uncertainty makes stories and ideas, but at the same time it’s stressful.😩 Is something not realistic because it’s not realistic or something else?

I’m, however, not making anything to piss anyone off or argue so please don’t take this as a way to dump your arguments with people you deem stupid onto me. I 100% cannot take it and will foolishly argue back even if I don’t agree.😂 I’m quite postmodern so, if you have very modern sensibilities, I understand. We are different and fundamentally the same. Your generation made mine how we are today. Bless y’all.

Anyway, thank you for talking to me. Have a nice day and stay healthy and hydrated.


By Feets

I don’t like feet; I’m just trying to be funny and that’s a word I think about a lot.

This is a blog about assorted topics I’m interested in. I will write about different things. I love worldbuilding and I like researching. :)


6 replies on “Oodles of noodles. Herds of words”

I really love how you think and write about the world. Yes, the magic of creativity lives and THRIVES in uncertainty. Man has survived this long by asking the question “what if” and then answering it over and over. I’m so excited to see how you answer that question in your writing and your art.

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Never do! I have a ton of sticky notes around my writing space and one of them has my favorite question Neil Gaiman says to ask yourself when creating—”then what happens?”

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How interesting. I tell myself to annotate, which I frequently do, but actually on the story instead of using the sides of the paper or writing an annotation with word. It looks ridiculous, and sometimes I hate to get rid of it so I keep cloning the texts wasting space on the computer.😂 But, that’s a great idea! I love an excuse to use sticky notes. They are my love and joy.

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Being fully objective is just not possible. We all have our own thoughts and opinions and that’s okay. Even those that follow facts can be subjective which is fair. Have a nice day too.

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