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I’m excited to show y’all what I’ve been doing and practicing!😁

Using a more vibrant and warm color palette to design Adis clothes

So, hello there! I got too nervous to draw backgrounds or redesign, so I did some color swatches and this bad boy. I designed some clothes.

And I’m going to post my palettes again so you can see how they look. 😀

I forgot to show all my little studies I did for color environment and I’m posting on my phone in a environment that doesn’t have my art around.

Anyway, I’ve been doing little sketches and paintings as well and have been struggling.

So, I was a bit productive…but eh…but not really.

Have a nice day and stay hydrated and healthy! Talk to you later.☺️


By Feets

I don’t like feet; I’m just trying to be funny and that’s a word I think about a lot.

This is a blog about assorted topics I’m interested in. I will write about different things. I love worldbuilding and I like researching. :)



Oh, I know! I love how the colors glow. I’ve never had a painting do that, especially one that I did quickly…but it seems that adding a dead color (the wash underneath) will cause the rest of the top colors to pick up the harmony of the one on the bottom.☺️ I seriously didn’t think it was going to work when I posted it after doing it, but now looking back on it says later, it looks fantastic and the colors are exciting and was an interesting palette.

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I was wondering why I never get notifications when you post, it seems site notifications were off 🤦🏾‍♀️😅 I LOVE the artwork and I saw myself in your art 🥺 Thank you for sharing ❤️

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It’s the same amount of effort as digital. I have some digital art pieces on here. I believe they’re on Ane Noje and the Soli group thing. They require different techniques but have the same skills. Drawing is the most fun (for me) because it just requires paper. Enjoy what you do, it’s still great.

And thank you so much! I appreciate it.

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