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Primordial Soup (continued)

Letting stuff be bad is fine for my mental health. It’s okay if you don’t like it or you’re confused why I’d post something unfinished. I’m posting and moving on. I don’t like stuff sitting in my drafts and I hate deleting it. If I like it again, I will rewrite it. It, however, makes me annoyed seeing it in my drafts.

After a while, there were many soldiers. Mumumum put some of them together in an army. Some were very solid when together and were nearly impermeable, but others could fit anywhere and were hard to describe exactly what they are. Mumumum ate some of its soup with the soldiers to make them stronger but after a while, they were done reproducing.

The last soldier was bored. Bored and wanted chaos. This little soldier watched Mumumum was going to make more soup but the little solider knocked it over. Mumumum sighed. It knew it was going to happened and the soldier wouldn’t

This was in my drafts . It was unfinished and I doubt it would’ve ever got finished. So many people on here are amazing and accomplished writers and can make meaningful short stories and have so much energy and passion for them and I write a paragraph and feel exhausted. I still am working on my writing stamina. It was easy when I was a child and it’s easy when I don’t have to post, but it’s hard when I try to make a serious plot more than just:

Kintin and Tirela laid on the bed together staring into each others eyes. Kintin grinned and gave Tirela a kiss. 

“Are you feeling what I’m feeling?” Tirela asked. “Did you feel something?”

I feel like partially it’s taking myself to seriously even though I know my lack of motivation and some depression holding me back. It’s hard getting stuff done when I’m too busy preparing for the worst and feel somewhat like I can’t do something and it’s not going to ever be enough but not trying to give up.

Here’s the better looking shot of the drawing I did. (; I don’t like it, but it doesn’t matter. I finished the face of the character enough for me to fix it. The hair is not my best, but it was mostly just to draw the face of the character.😂

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Thank you. It’s not even close to beginning. I wrote two paragraphs and was like 🥱. I think I need to harvest more knowledge before revisiting this and I don’t want it sitting in my drafts.


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