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Burn out

The feeling of stress motivates us to do different things. On this article, I’m just talking about burnout and improvements.

A flame was lit, 
it was lit with a match.
Lit so it could keep the group warm.
But it was short-lived.

The flame couldn’t keep the two warm,
and since it couldn’t, the group froze.
They didn’t know what to do anymore.

I don’t know really what to say…I received the big ol burnout. Always at this time of the year for classes. I moved my art supplies closer to me so I can still do them, but the passion is dead.


Because I’m struggling drawing bodies. It doesn’t make me want to stop drawing, it just makes me sad and not want to draw. I don’t have a particular style I’m going for, nor am I going for realism, but they’re just not going how I want. I really want to draw bodies for my characters, but failing is stressing me out. Failing isn’t scary, but it’s disappointing.

As well, it feels so stupid to post time and time because I’m not sure if I’m posting anything of value. I literally cannot bring myself to elaborate more on my ocs. 😔 Not because they’re bad, but I’m an artist and I assume people want to see visual art and not blocks of text. Anytime it’s about a character there’s so much more interactions but I don’t want to keep blasting people with on and on character profiles and no interactions with characters or anything, but I don’t feel like I can draw enough and I bit out more than I can chew. My art style fluctuates in quality too often.

I literally (as I’m not figuratively, literally!) almost had a meltdown over this whole thing. This is out of my comfort zone. Drawing two people together and making them look like they’re apart of the same picture. I know I should do it more, but this picture is exhausting and I got Noje’s dorsal part incorrect. (Should be flipped—that’s my bad)

Both of them look stiff and stale. Feyondo is a pain for me to draw as well. Any time I draw him, I believe a little part of me dies. His design has to look like that though because! It cannot look any other way or that’s not him!

But I know I’m burned out because I’m hiding from doing anything. Even the stuff I love because it looks terrible to me.


The good news with all this is that if you’re turned off by your art, it means you might be improving and gaining insight that you need to change something or study something else, but also take a break.☺️ I’m not going to take a physical break just yet, because I have assignments to do, but I will be taking a break.

I will be taking my disgust with the way I draw bodies and the stiffness of figures (which usually isn’t that much of a problem, I just kinda want them to not be too janky). As well as draw two or more people interacting with each other.😮‍💨😭

As well, don’t forget to stay hydrated!


By Feets

I don’t like feet; I’m just trying to be funny and that’s a word I think about a lot.

This is a blog about assorted topics I’m interested in. I will write about different things. I love worldbuilding and I like researching. :)


25 replies on “Burn out”

It’s the same thing with writing. Often when we reach a new level of skill we experience a period of extreme frustration (I’m there right now too). My writing has improved and my storylines are getting better, but its suddenly hard to write a sentence. I rewrote the entire first part of my latest short story for two weeks straight and, believe me, I wanted to scream and throw it away. I know you are going to keep going and get through this and figure those bodies out. I happen to think they are amazing, by the way. That women with her hands on her hips is so good! So much expression in her face and her posture!

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Yes! Everytime I hit those marks I get sad, but strangely very happy. It’s like I’m not sitting in the dunning-krueger effect and can scrutinize my work better. I just need a better way to come across it psychologically. I am getting there.

And man, writing is so stressful. I wanted to write a short story on here but got so shy and felt scared to write about my characters like this isn’t my blog and I can’t post what I want to. 😞 I’ve improved so much in my writing skills from constantly writing but not putting out things I care about because of invisible people critiquing my work.

Nobody can hurt my feelings or my progress more than I can do I don’t know why I’m giving myself a hard time.

🤷🏾 I guess I need to practice mindfulness.😂

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You said it. Nobody hurts us as much as we do, because nobody else cares as much about our work as we do. Keep pushing. You are leaps and bounds away from where I was at your age. ❤️

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That’s because I’m lucky to have people like you and the people on here and my peers. ☺️ Thank you so much for putting effort to comment. It means a lot to my little heart.😁

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I think you may be putting too much pressure on yourself. Your blogs don’t have be of value to anyone but yourself. As long as you enjoy blogging, keeping doing it. Don’t worry about whether it adds value or not.

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I just want a space to focus on my art and not me, but dang! I want to feel like I own a real blog. I have not contributed to my ocs and I realized that because I haven’t added to the concultural worldbuildings.

Some of it is only because I don’t know how to make sequential art so I’m lollygagging.

But, you’re right. I just want to focus on writing one of my topics on my oc’s world. If so, my emotional hiatus will be over.

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I was about to ask you to take a break but you know that already, so that’s great and I agree that you’re going to improve. Just don’t take stress.
And that woman with short hair and dark skin looks very different from rest of your characters, so I guess you’re already improving.
Stay happy!!!

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Funnily, that picture is older than the one with Feyondo and Noje (the couple).

That drawing isn’t a character though, just a study. Unfortunately I get so exhausted from drawing that I do not color my characters so a lot of depth is missing in them, but if I took time, majority of them would look like that.😂

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I think your drawings are really great. Especially since I can’t draw, so yours is very much appreciated. Burn outs can be tiresome but what’s great is that you’ve outlined what you think might be the problem and it seems like you’ve found the solution too.
That’s amazing!

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I’m a hot mess so if I don’t figure out the issue earlier, it’ll bite me back so hard that I’ll bleed to death (figuratively).

And thank you!☺️

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Drawing takes a lot of time, but I’m sure you could!

Thank you. Sometimes I write about them at 3 AM and their personalities really get somewhere.😂 I drew and colored half of these at night so they have raw personalities.

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