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I feel like a loser

I’m starting this 100 faces challenge with my sister, but we took it down to a more realistic goal of 25. I have these moments of perfectionism but it never works out. It’s literally just drawing faces, and it’s not even that I’m that scared to draw faces. It’s the fact that I don’t have interest to draw serious and realistic faces but I feel like I should be doing that and because it’s what I’m supposed to do to be a real artist and serious about practicing.

I do not have the motivation and already put it off. I understand I have assignments too, but I’ve put those off. They’re supposed to be more realistic and painted well, but I just get depressed and discouraged because I know artists are supposed to leave their comfort zone…but it’s not a fun way of doing it.😂

So, I am trying to problem solve at this particular moment. I probably will just draw my ocs. 🤷🏾 (OC means original character) I don’t feel like stressing on it and they do not have depth to their faces nor need depth.

Anyway, I got some art for y’all! 😁😁😁 It always makes me so excited to share my art with people and it surprises me genuinely that people actually look at it, even if they don’t like it!

Anyway, Vara is drawn in a way that I think is so cute but her face reminds me of someone who I cannot think about at the moment. Vara has visible scarification all over her body, much like Noje, to show her family line and also catch prey with the glow. She also has a straight wig on. Personally, I just liked reading about how women (celebrities usually) back around the 60s-70s wore big, bulky wigs. Vara doesn’t have that curly of hair, but the rules on the set say she’s only allowed to have her hair covered, so a wig is a work around because it doesn’t show her real scalp. I also really like Renaissance hairstyles so I made it bulky like a beehive but shaped like a renaissance lady (without the ridiculous amount of braids)

This isn’t the best picture and I’ll have to work on my anatomy and gesture but she’s dancing here in an outfit that shows her under boob but not anything else. She’s wearing leggings to protect the goods and a skirt to accentuate her hips and movements. She’s shaking her hips and doing some kinda gesture but most of her dance is footwork and hip shaking.

David and Tijana are both socialites from a plutocratic family group named Revalan. They’re both harmless, but definitely benefit off of their wealth. Their family members, however, are very corrupt and is some of the reasons why certain people are scared to be alive or so on. I hate to write too much about these characters on one post so I won’t. I love both of their designs and skin tones but I wish I drew and colored them better. Tijana is a darker color and isn’t well colored to see that. He’s around Damijo’s color who is a bit darker than that.

Thank you in advance for reading! ^^

By Feets

I don’t like feet; I’m just trying to be funny and that’s a word I think about a lot.

This is a blog about assorted topics I’m interested in. I will write about different things. I love worldbuilding and I like researching. :)


30 replies on “I feel like a loser”

I liked all three characters, especially vara. I liked the way you drew her face, hair, and body. I like her curly hair.
I too think that the anatomy of the dancing one needs to be worked upon.
I like the way you’re so interested to talk about the details and background stories of all your characters, I love reading about them!!!

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Thank you so much. I think Vara dancing is bad, but I think the two guys standing’s anatomy really had me in tears. I was so angry looking at it, but anatomy takes time.

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I know your frustrated by the constraints put on you in school, but you are doing marvelous work. All of these are really interesting and so are the stories behind them. I love that you have such intricate storylines and keep building on them. Keep going!

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Thank you so much, your compliment means a lot to me and it makes me so happy to hear and happy to hear your appreciation.

This is why I love WordPress, the community is amazing and you’re always so nice to me (and you have great content I can look at).☺️

Y’all are great.

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WordPress is my favorite little corner of the Internet. Everyone seems to genuinely want to root for others to succeed. It’s a wonderful thing! Have a great Monday, or as great of a Monday as you can!

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STOP FEELING LIKE A LOSER, your strong complex characters and art work are realistic. Your artistic style is a reflection of modern day people with real emotional problems and how they interact with each other on a daily basis. Your way ahead of the game. YOUR THE WINNER!

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Thank you so much! This a very unique compliment and it made my day, but I always expect you to make amazing comments like these.

It’s an honor to have people like you look at my content and appreciate it.

Thank you so much! Truly! 🙏

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It’s not necessarily that. I get bullied by professors that really hate anime and other cartoon characters and I love them and love drawing them because it makes me happy, but they push me in a way that’s more frustrating. It seeps into my psyche and taints it with insecurities and frustrations that I can’t control. I know I don’t have to draw realistically, but I feel judged by my outer self that l kind of feel guilty for not capturing realism very well. 😣

Realism is exhausting, but people admire skills the closer one gets to realism or pure abstraction. 😣

Anyway, thank you so much for your comment! I appreciate you taking the time out to ask questions as well, your comment made my day. I like hearing that people enjoy pictures and background stories. 😁

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That’s too bad 😔 because anime and other animation/media has some of the most beautiful art I’ve seen in modern times ❤️ But when in college, you gotta do what gets the grade.

My writing changed after I went to college, and looking back at my old novels, I see that I lost a lot of my creativity and fun by doing it “the right way.” So I just hope that doesn’t happen to you. Keep up the good work, friend! I think you’re doing great 😊😍

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Yeah, its unfortunate sometimes because I appreciate hearing about knowledge, art concepts, and ideas because it does help, but when they make fun of art styles because they’re low brow or they wonder why a student does it, it makes art 100% harder. And it’s annoying when someone acts like I’m too young to understand good art or even what I like.

I know what I like and I know what I find worthy looking at and I’m a very opinionated and love looking up new things and researching so to me, it’s condescending.

Having my own opinion and looking up things and enjoying what I want to do shouldn’t offend them. Appeal to age fallacies don’t work on me. I listen to them nearly all of the time and do and did what they wanted. I need this degree and I don’t think they understand my work ethic or what I want to do with my life and it’s making it hard to know what I want to do and how I can finish their assignments.😞 Art spaces suck and I hate a lot of them. I do hope they improve but I have my doubts.

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It looks good but I wanna see the final product!
Also, don’t feel guilty if you can’t accomplish your set goals. We can always change them according to our schedule 🙂
There’s no time limit.

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I get it. It’s apart of an overarching story that has many tiny stories in it. Some characters are displayed but drawing everything takes time and so is planning.

Thank you for your advice. I appreciate it.


I develop my own stories. ☺️ That’s what makes it take forever. I write them down and then draw them out and it doesn’t have much of a sequence yet so that’s where I’m going with it.

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Oh. That’s awesome. I feel like you have great potential but I didn’t read any of your works yet so 🤪

Which do you like most… Story writing or drawing?

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