artwork stories?

Feeling blep

Poetry because I don’t have new art.

Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel. (Anyone know what the name is?)
When you paint,
Do you dream? Do you create?
is this your reality? What you see?

I love your art,
They look like refrigerators.
I love most Mannerism art, but yours is the best.
I appreciate your creativity.

And who is this?
Is this your beliefs?
I’ll never know, but I love the energy.

I literally have no content for y’all but I want to post so I’ll find something.


I gotta redraw him, I hate how this looks. There’s like 500 characters in my sketchbook that look like this. He has to look different. At least slightly. I have to change it. He doesn’t look like the character in my head but the character in my head doesn’t look like anything. I can only see straightened hair and occasionally waves. He’s supposed to look like another character that one character likes but I don’t think I can do that anymore.
Soft complexity,
you knew how you should treat people,
under two gods—one going extinct and the other flourishing.
You have a heart that’s like a puzzle piece—NO! Not a puzzle piece, a sandbox.
Or a river connected to an ocean that cannot handle what comes in and out.
Porous mind, weak internal, strong external. Permeating consciousness.

Your childhood god is the same as your adulthood.
Your birth culture was your reality,
You’re learning, taking away, taking in.
No longer bound to a culture.

Soft complexity, take care of yourself.
Cry it off and move on.
I know I should be drawing and not writing down poetry but I’m 😩
Do you know where you are?
Nobody can read your thoughts,
Understand your messages.

You can talk as fancy or as uncouth as you want.
You are incomprehensible.

It causes you to wonder your place,
where you should truly be.
What you should truly be,
Who you should truly be.

Forge your own.
You have a multitude of realities,
one life.
Let yourself sink into the ocean.
That may be your comfort, your hospice, your refuge.
It’ll light your way. (;

Author’s Note: This isn’t about suicide. At all.😭 Just to clear it up.


By Feets

I don’t like feet; I’m just trying to be funny and that’s a word I think about a lot.

This is a blog about assorted topics I’m interested in. I will write about different things. I love worldbuilding and I like researching. :)


19 replies on “Feeling blep”

Your poetry is as lovely and interesting as your art. I was struck by how different and similar all three poems are—rich, vivid looks at various parts of yourself. Love the sketches too. Keep creating and being authentic. It’s beautiful.

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😊 They’re of course about me, but they’re also about the characters or responses.

The second one is directly about that character and the third one is about Feyondo and his relationship with himself and his wife.☺️

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Thank you so much. It’s driving me cr*zy (probably because I’m playing G*d) but it’s so fun and I love the results. So far, it’s pretty elaborate but it could get more elaborate and diverse!☺️

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Agreed. I love trying out sonnets and even ten syllable poetry.

It’s funny you mention other cultures, because I really really like how Arabic and many languages on the Indian subcontinent are formatted and look.

😵‍💫 Both languages are hard for me to learn because there’s no resources.

I want to get into writing epic poetry and constructive languages but I only know English and don’t know it like some people who are good at poetry.

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I feel Hindi and Urdu are the best languages for poetry (maybe I’m biased), these languages have a different level of emotional depth. Even though Hindi is my mother tongue I can write poetry in Hindi.🥲

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Hindi is very pretty.

😂 I love how emotional some languages are vs English. It’s beautiful but it’s difficult.

I try to learn Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and French. They also have interesting and fascinating poetry cultures.

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I get it. I just want it for literature and media purposes. I want to read the cultures, I wanna see their memes, their YouTube videos, documentaries, so on. I want to understand the different philosophies and perspectives come with their cultures and languages. It’s fascinating.

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