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Study rant

A big rant about master’s studies.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Mimesis of the artists either means you’re immortal or your livelihood is stolen.
in the Renaissance, a human God.
A master worthy of being worshipped as if he was more than,
A hero.

it doesn’t seem like some people care,
to wonder what makes art of the master’s beautiful.
Or even what makes it good to them.

Your stuff is worth remixing,
Worth putting in an allegorical concepts…
Worth remixing and rematching.

Others don’t matter unless they have that.

Could anyone be a master?
Or was this destined by a god, deity, evil religious figure.
Why do people make Biblicalesque stories and documentaries
And people willingly watch them,
Feeling some kind of connection.

Why do masters feel fake?
As they never existed…
How can someone deny a god, but worship the essence of a man they don’t know and never will know
and imply a person into them?
Am I simply r———,
Or did I miss out on something else?

That I’m to study these artists,
That there’s an objective truth.
That I’m supposed to like these artists no questions asked.
That their skills, talents, and whatevers are actual objective truths,
instead of opinions from those who hold my soul and other’s souls captive.

I question myself…
Why do I care?
Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

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What interesting questions! Who decides what’s good and who becomes a master?

My daughter and I went to our local art gallery last weekend and had several conversations along these lines (she’s an artist). Like all creative endeavors, sometimes it’s simply who you are, not what you create. However, I do believe certain types of art speaks to different people.

An example: I was at a coffee shop yesterday and they had exhibits by three artists. The friend I was with couldn’t stop gushing about a pencil drawing of a dog in a hat, while I was drawn to a charcoal drawing of a stick figure hidden slightly by a watercolor tree…it felt dreamy and called to me in a way I couldn’t articulate.

Keep at it. Nobody sees the world exactly like you and therefore you will be able to create art influenced entirely by your experiences. Keep going. I hope to own a piece by you someday.

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Thank you.

I appreciate the subjective quality of art. That is one of my favorite things about art. I like how there’s things people like and dislike and I think it’s great. In an art crit class, I learned that Hume (I believe I’m getting it right) said that there’s no inherent beauty and it’s up to the taste, culture/reality, and experiences.

I think I get upset or irritated when I get told opinions as objective facts and my opinions don’t matter but other people do.

Leonardo da Vinci is considered one of the most masterful, skilled, and talented artists of Cinquecento Italy with Raphael and Michelangelo, and I’m supposed to appreciate them and acknowledge that their art is worth the price they are in museums and galleries and at times, I don’t. I don’t think they are. I love all their art, but the fact they have so many documentaries about them and people look to people who care about them and mindlessly study them or keep establishing that the opinion that they should be kept up with is laughable. Nobody wants to be forgotten. Everyone wants to be a fossil somewhat. That’s why some people sell out and make their art lightfast as possible and beg to get in galleries but the thing is, nothing lasts forever or should be forced.

I love classical music with my heart and soul, but I don’t feel like it is something that should be treated like it’s super special and so sophisticated and whatever people believe it to be. It creates exclusion and it ruins it for me. I like the music because it hits my brain waves the right way and it is what it is. Nobody told me that I had to like it. I liked heavy metal (not all) when I first heard it because it hit my brain waves the right way and I just liked it. Nobody needs to tell me that they like it. If it’s chosen to popular that’s fine, but I don’t get the appreciation aspect. I understand people must get paid or whatever, but not more than that. 🤷🏾

I’m just difficult sometimes. 😞

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I understand your frustration. And I think this is the problem with learning the arts because they’re so objective and certain peoples work is treated as perfect and no one can say otherwise and vice versa.

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I agree. It’s annoying. Like with a lot of popular digital art…it’s annoying how it’s considered the best of itself and if you don’t do that, your art is imperfect and mildly worthless and to be fed to a niche audience who may not find it online. I enjoy wasting my time doing art and letting people see it if they want, but I don’t like thinking my art is ugly because I’m not studying correctly and having to sit with my art supplies and paper internalizing it over and over until I get tired. It’s annoying.

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