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A poetry rant about dreams and two unrelated pics.

I wonder when I dream about someone
if that someone sees me in their dream,
what’s the point of doing all that dreaming,
if it leads to me thinking and remembering
those I vowed to forget in my reality.

I question my mind.
it is a privilege to remember,
but when I want to forget,
it all comes back nicely wrapped in a dream.

Never important things,
basic self care…

Just faces,
of people who never seem to care about me or remember me.

I just find that upsetting.

It would make sense to leave a writer’s/author’s note. I’ve been looking at some people’s accounts and they do it, but I didn’t know if it was worth it. Is it worth it?


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Author notes are for if you have more to say, but I think your writing and drawings speak for themselves. I love the idea of people we dream of thinking of us. Wouldn’t that be interesting? When I was in 5th grade my best friend and I used to “meet in our dreams.” We’d spend our entire recesses talking about what we did in our dreams.

I’m sorry you are dreaming of people you’ve left behind—I’ve done/do the same. Maybe see it as your brain trying to let go piece by piece.

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😩 I hope my art speaks for itself. I just feel like I don’t want people thinking I’m like mentally unstable.

But it is interesting. I think about people I’ve met everyday, even people who I believe did me dirty and while I don’t mind it, I feel like they don’t think of me and it makes me sad. I hope they do.

I like dreaming and those thoughts. That’s why a lot of my art is like that. I probably need to draw this one picture to make a point, but I like the thought that people think about me as I think about them. Not even in a seething way. I don’t want people to think about me “rent-free,” I want them to just acknowledge I was there and move on. That would make me happy.😂

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