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Just struggling to stay motivated

I hate to abandon my account because I’m psychologically exhausted, but I’m exhausted. It’s very tiring to read on here and respond but also post and when I don’t post, I feel guilty about not being successful.

Colored sketch to help me learn how to color figures with limited palettes

I hate how on social media you just get ignored easily if you don’t post anything but if you do you still get ignored. I don’t want to be on social media all day, I want to be successful in general…but I’m not cut out for it at this moment. It’s just tiring and I get even more tired or try to focus on things that are easier and make me happy but dang.😐 There’s not much.


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I completely agree that it can get exhausting to post all the time and when you don’t it can feel like failure. Take a break if you need and if you feel inspired you can always come back and post more content 🙂

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I understand…there’s more to life than posting to social media—much more. I’m going to have to cut back some so I’ll have time to paint and sketch. Can’t do it all.
Love your pencil drawing. I use colored pencils on occasion too.

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I’m fortunately quite boring and don’t do much activities outside of art but I don’t like constantly posting and personally I’m not interesting or captivating enough to keep people.

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I’m pretty boring myself. I like to write as well as paint and draw, but I don’t like the constant posting either, which you have to do to stay relevant. Plus, visit and comment on others’ blogs. It takes a lot of time, which sometimes, I think I’d rather spend doing other things. I like to read novels, but don’t have much time for it.

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I get you. Visiting and commenting is just as exhausting as talking except I can’t really tell how awkward or out of touch I am.

I can’t read because I have a poor attention span and other things. I want to read but I struggle.

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I wish you could enjoy reading…it can be such a pleasure. For me, it’s like a movie spooling out in my mind. I can visualize it all. To me, it’s much better than watching a movie.

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I can visualize books, but there’s always something hard about them or exhausting or I just can’t sit there and focus on it and it makes me depressed. I can’t watch movies anymore for similar reasons.😞 I don’t know what it is.

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I thought one of ADHD’s symptoms was not having a long attention span. I knew a young man with ADHD, and he told that he had trouble reading because his interest would shift away. But I’m no doctor…

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Oh, it could be that. My attention span and stress probably is that. I can do some things for near hours and others like reading fiction, I can only do it for a minute without getting stressed out and wanting to stop.

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It’s gotten a lot better throughout the years, it’s just reading that is bad. I just need to enjoy the book without feeling like I have to be smart or feeling like I’m not truly understanding it. It was nice reading it with my kindle but it’s still a stressor. I need a not on phone dictionary or like a dictionary/thesaurus that isn’t on my phone and I’d probably be better.

It’s funny though, because I’m great at nonfiction and reading about art. Not fiction. Can’t even listen to audibles.😞

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You’re not alone on preferring nonfiction. I rarely read it, preferring fiction, but my husband is the opposite—reads nonfiction but not fiction. To each his own.

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I look at nonfiction and daydream stories about it. I do like fiction, but it’s too difficult.

Thank you though.😊 Makes me feel better.

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