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O You

This content may be triggering to people with issues with our reality or loss of a loved one. You do not have to read this. Be careful.

Hello, my Greatest.
Thank you for creating the planet and the atmosphere, the plants and the animals we eat.
I call to you, from wherever you are.
I pray to bring great wealth to my family.
I wish I could know what you look like, or even tell if you are real…
I am in your world, my Greatest.
Please guide me in your wing, hear my song,
bring my family wealth. Thank you. Please make it true!
Thine ______,
who rests in the clouds,
please give us harvest so we may feed our cows.
My hope is on you, ______,
I gave you my heart and my best possession—my dog.
Will he be with you, ____ of mine?
Or was this in vain?
My love for you only gets stronger, my heart is straight,
Bring us great harvest—we accept any fate.
I sing a song to you,
from the mountains,
what is your name so I call it correctly?
Are you truly out there? I call to you,
and rest in meditation,
if only a word…
Can you give me comfort from your spot…please?
I have received a loss that ruined my reputation, ______,
What do I do?
They slander me and rode me to these mountains,
This stress I cannot bear, say something to me…
Is my loved one going somewhere, please, give me comfort…I am lost.
Give me someone to believe in,
From the dirt on the ground, to the tears in my eyes, I beg you for a share of your omnipotence.
Help me!

Author’s Note: They’re talking to you, the reader. What would you say?

8 replies on “O You”

Dearest one. I see you. Don’t fear loss of reputation, for things that like are false realities—judgements made by those who should not cast stones. Believe in the goodness you see in others, for that’s where I reside. Look for a smile from a stranger, the laughter of a baby, the coo of a dove or the purr of cat. I’m the breeze in the trees and the sound of the rain on the roof. Your loved ones are with me and we are all rooting you on. You’ve got this. Look for me in the sunrise and the sunet. Look for me it the glitter of the stones. Look for me in the vein of a leaf. I am everywhere.

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Oh, this isn’t a wish thing. I was practicing second person or at least like a prayer type of writing where the reader would be the god/deity. 😂 I get your response though, it’s a very nice one and feels oddly realistic.

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