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Small story

Oh, it looks like everyone is standing there around us…um. I had a great time at concert! I can’t believe you took me out to see my favorite artist! Wow! You must love me, huh. Thank you. Um. Well.


🎶there once was no noise...
or I heard no noise...
it’s hard to say,
but anyway
I need your love.
There once was day,
I hid far away,
'Cause there was a crazy world out there,
and I was scared.

I need your love…
I need your love!
If there’s a crazy world out there,
I’ll be here! 🎶

This character was scrapped after a while, not because I didn’t love her. I really loved her character, but all her music doesn’t exist anymore except in a small file on my Google Drive from 2017. 🙄 I didn’t even finish the lyrics, but these are the only lyrics I remember.

The deeper voice on the second verse originally was supposed to be the male character singing it, but I scrapped that idea but since my computer crashed that fateful day, this is the only thing I have.

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I don’t know how. It’s a very easy piece to put on sheet music, but I just don’t know how to keep the omph of this one so if I do that, it’ll be lost but likely would sound a bit better. 🤷🏾 I guess I need to do better.

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Oh, I hope you didn’t think I was saying you needed to do better. I was saying I see how you can pair your music to your art, expanding out your creations with more than one medium. It’s really very inspiring how creative you are!

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Oh, I knew what you were saying somewhat but I thought you were saying finish the song and complete it (not in a mean way, but a nice way).

I am trying to get into animation. I have the ideas, but the skills need to start.

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