Doodles because I have nothing prepared

Doodles from my phone and sketchbook.

I’m feeling a bit better, y’all, but I haven’t made anything so y’all will see doodles and progress pics.

Here’s an attempt to draw Noje and design her body shape. The shape is fine, the face is AAAH. Noje has a very pretty body.
One of them is eye practice. One character has a face that rarely shows emotion but if he looks angry, it scares his kid but when he’s sad he’s really sad. It’s hard consistently drawing his face…oh well.

Sorry I do not have more, but this is the best I can do right now.


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Thank you so much! I’m trying to draw more voluptuous characters—male and female—so that’s the final result. Of course, on another picture I will be posting, Noje’s body is shaped like that, but that’s that.

And thank you! The character is very complex because he barely shows any emotion other than stern but when he does show other emotions, they’re intense or very strong.

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I enjoy seeing your doodles, that’s where your ideas originate from at least to some degree. It’s also nice to see what one comes up with when they aren’t necessarily trying to create something. Glad you’re better.

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Thank you!

My favorite thing to do are doodles because they really do show progress and process, but usually they show the emotions and the feelings of a person in their rawest form or what they see at a moment. I like doodling and doodles more than my final product.

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I haven’t attempted to paint people except at a distance. I sketch also, but have always found people to be the most difficult subject for me. You’re doing well…much better than I.

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That’s still cool that you can do that. I cannot.😣 I can only draw heads of people. I’m not good at landscapes or even integrating characters into a scene. I’m still trying, but sheesh.

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I took some online classes on sketching and watercoloring and they helped me a lot. I’ve watched YouTube videos also, but the classes were more detailed, and explained things better.

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On YouTube, I just do a search on watercoloring, and pick out a video that sounds interesting, and do it. I don’t have a playlist for it. And I’ve only done a few on watercoloring so far, and none on sketching. Sorry… 😔

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