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As the day goes on, sometimes it’s very hard to draw so I’ll just show y’all some old pictures.


I know that people can look anyway they want and can do anything they want, but this art looks very white even though some of the characters aren’t white. If not, majority of them are Black or some type of Black mixture, however, I’m not sure how much of that is transferable. As well, the anatomy is … very dreadful. I love the character qualities, but if I’m not sure why I drew the characters looking so tiny.

I took a class in college called figure drawing. I’m not sure if it actually helped my art or I learned on my own while using the stuff brought up in class. Couldn’t tell you. The class happened during the pandemic, but my art looks different now.

I really like drawing faces only, but some people don’t find that interesting so I have to keep on drawing over and over until I can get decent anatomy. It really sucks knowing that I draw a lot, but not often and not anything finished. I can cope.


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There are a lot of amazing images here and it’s so fun to see your progression. You are so skilled and have come a long way. Do you think you’ll share some of your music? I love the idea of seeing your artwork paired with your music (forgive me if you’ve already posted some and I’ve missed it.)

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I hope you’ll share the link here so I can check it out! No rush. I’m super busy too and I’m fighting to keep up with the talented bloggers like you who I want to support.

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Thank you for showing us all of these pictures! If I’m correct in attributing which images came after which other images, I can really see your development.

Also, try not to be too hard on yourself — I have a lot of unfinished images, as well. I think that in my own case, I become concerned about “messing up” a line drawing with value renditions or color. It’s something I’m still working through. An Art teacher told me once, when I was afraid of developing my work: “If you could do it once, you can do it again.”

It’s kind of hard to trust that (external) reassurance, but I’m learning that a lot of the creative process is about trusting yourself and your process. It’s like being a little bird jumping out of a plane and hoping your wings will get you down. 🙂 Or something. 🙂 You were designed to fly, but that doesn’t mean that launching is easy!

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Your advice was needed during this time and made my night.

All the pictures are quite old, but you’re right. There’s tons of development. It was nice putting them on there and seeing how much I matured.

I also am scared of messing up and while nobody is watching me mess up the picture, it’s the fact that I can see all my mistakes when I’m done with the product that’s scary. I used to not care about rendering and doing depth but when I got into college, I was kind of forced to care and it’s been giving me anxiety. 😕 I need to figure out how to render with the ball/sphere but I’m scared.

And you’re right about the little bird. I have to do it sometime, might as well start.

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