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About a character named Flurisha


Flurisha with a Sol shirt on. One artistic quality I try to be consistent with on Flurisha’s face is his eye shape and an appearance of anxiety. I probably have to redraw this picture again.😐

Flurisha grew up in a poor Solie household in Sholi—he has a much older brother he doesn’t know about and an older brother named Mali. His dad was a veteran for a war that happened nearby and was promised a citizen and the ability to become Light or Dark (the racial groups there)—he takes it but since he shot many of the ethnic groups and practiced very hard to become a good soldier that when he came home, he frequently tried hunting his kids or killing them. His dad abused the oldest a lot more until he ran away. Since Flurisha’s mom was stressed and scared she went on drugs to cope. His father later dies in war and Flurisha and their mom end up going to a different state.

In school, Flurisha struggles with reading and a language barrier—he would be diagnosed in this society as someone with dyslexia—and is socially stunted due to his hardheaded personality and his aggression. He was in a boarding school and made friends with Zan (Feyondo) and Noshili. At this same time, he ends up getting addicted to alcohol.

So, Flurisha is noted by his fear of change, hardheaded, easily frustrated, but devotion to people. He takes a while to understand what makes him feel passionate or something he needs to fight for, but he will not let it go until it’s fixed. He also can be very caring and very soft towards people he loves—which frequently is his friends and partners. He talks a lot when he’s excited and gets really chatty and will switch topics if something comes to his mind. He also doesn’t mind listening to people and refuses to cut people off or talk over them—and if someone does, he will fuss at them after they’re done to tell them to stop and let people talk.

He is very tiny in height, wears very thick glasses that make his eyes appear tiny, and has a small stature and walks slow at times and doesn’t run very fast. He never wears his hair up unless it’s a religious ceremony because he touches his hair a lot when stressed. He talks with his hands and is easy to read when it comes to expression. He doesn’t talk loud but when he’s angry or passionate, he screams. He enjoys singing and dancing. He also plays a guitar-like object and many stringed instruments and woodwind instruments and is always willing to learn more.

He is a big fan of movies, singers, and plays and will get excited if he sees one.

He has a difficult relationship with his culture and religion and doesn’t argue or talk to anyone about it. He also has a difficult relationship with his skin tone and his name.

I will update this later!

By Feets

I don’t like feet; I’m just trying to be funny and that’s a word I think about a lot.

This is a blog about assorted topics I’m interested in. I will write about different things. I love worldbuilding and I like researching. :)


17 replies on “Flurisha”

What an intriguing character. I’m curious what he will do after suffering such horrible atrocities in his youth. Will he rise up and defy them? Sink under the pressure? Become what he hates? Some version of all three. I’m very interested in finding out.

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I know right. I’ve been writing these characters for the past four years and they look act, move, talk differently in my head. This one went through the most personality change and also is very fun to write about and draw, but dang is it hard to write? I wasn’t even writing a novel and I cannot come up with a main plot. I’ve made them met for the first time but not a story plot.😩

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Writing is definitely hard! I feel like sometimes I have to write 1,000 words just to figure out what I’m writing about and then begin. It’s so time consuming.

One thing I’d suggest, if you haven’t tried it, is writing journal entries for your characters. See what they have to say. It’s not always feasible with time, but it can be very insightful. Happy writing and drawing!

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Oh, I have thousands of those. I do that for fun in my free time. I also draw them doing random stuff in random clothes, but nothing to make a story.😂 They’re very chatty and interesting individuals, maybe more interesting than I am.


Emotionally crushing and hard to fathom character, but it’s a reminder of the unseen problems & situations real people go through every day.

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I try to stay closer to reality with particular personalities and traits. It’s easier to write that way, but it’s not always fun and enjoyable to read.

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your words.

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Thank you. He’s a very complex character that is very difficult to write and draw but I enjoy him. I have to update this with more pictures but my perfectionism is preventing me from drawing more.

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