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I have to practice my writing more

About my process

I’m going to practice making a sequential format. It’s currently been a struggle only due to the fear, but I need to let go.

So, I have this idea coming up for class and I’m scared of it because I am a perfectionist but I’m also very confident I can do it, I just need to start. I’ve been trying to get back into acrylic and try to learn how to really color with coloring pencils. As well, trying to do pen art and consistent watercolor.

Here’s my study

I’m mostly trying to figure out how coloring pencils lay down and layer on each other. It’s Crayola, Prismacolor, and Faber-Castell. I think Crayola is good for a thin base on the bottom, Faber-Castell is good for a base color and a medium layer. Prismacolor is good for a medium layer, top layer, and burnishing. Of course, color usage is very personal. What you see is what you get.

Ink study

Here’s the ink test. This is with a pen called “pigma graphic™ 3” by Sakura. It’s a very nice pen and I can see someone with a very dynamic style use these. I’m not very good at using pens yet. I want to try more pens soon.

I also bought more nibs for my calligraphy pen, I will show that later. 😊


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Thanks so much, I think the only advice I can give is something that was given to me- just keep writing. Even if it’s awful just keep writing because that’s how you get better. Practice helps so much.

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