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This is about a character named Noshili

I do not have enough art for this character so it will be updated soon.

Noshili is a very complex character like the rest of the characters, but is one of the worst communicators and frequently will disappear when confronted.

They were born into a wealthy and very controversial family, and are a illegitimate son to their mom (Nashali. I don’t have her christened name yet, sorry.) Their mom already was in an unfortunate relationship by getting pregnant with their sister at the age of sixteen and ended up marrying the man who got her pregnant—even though he’s much older.

The mother’s husband didn’t want any of the other kids and would beat of them, but would sexually abuse Noshili and their older brother. Noshili frequently was targeted for abuse because the mother’s husband knew that their male parent was Black and hated that he was cheated on and he was the Light man. (Racial groups will be explained later!) Their mom was traumatized due to other issues and would be drugged out, tired from domestic abuse, and After a while, they were taken away from both of them. The husband committed other unrelated crimes in business.

Noshili was taken in by their now father, Zan (not Adelewe’s brother but a different character) or Adane/Nole, who they look up to and cling onto and always go to for guidance. They also mimic their personality, try to walk like them and talk like them. It always surprises the other characters that they act very similar to their dad even though they aren’t related. They live in a household with their grandparents, adoptive/foster parents, and their siblings.

They love singing, but sing very similarly to their grandparent who taught them how to sing and aren’t into theatrics and acting due to lack of charisma. They also love to play instruments that are like a keyboard and can spend hours focused enough to play it. They are very good at dancing and singing while dancing but if they were asked to act, they are terrible. They cannot draw and if someone asks them to do artistic stuff other than makeup, they will get very frustrated and irritable when they can’t draw and may try to hurt themselves.

When scared or frustrated, Noshili is one of the first people to disappear. They frequently will sit in their closet, hugging their knees and hiding. They don’t like being yelled at but if they feel like they need to protect themselves, they’ll immediately start screaming and get loud to get other people’s attention or will beat someone up. They will not hesitate to fight if scared and fights to kill. Otherwise, they just look frazzled and will cry or hide from everyone.

They have fixation on artwork and buying artwork. If they feel like it represents them, they will pick it.

They’re really bad at communicating and expressing themselves with words and if they’re misunderstood, they’ll get really frustrated and try to hurt themselves or will shut down. They write music a lot to combat this.

One noticeable quality on their physical appearance is that they have very dark hair and very dark eyes. Their hair is very dark brown, but it’s so brown that it appears black and shines purple. They straighten it often and wear it down and let it cover their face and their body. This character fidgets a lot when they move like their grandparent, but they notice it. They emote with their body and their eyebrows, but come off constantly as if they’re acting when they aren’t. They walk, sit, and stand with their head looking downward and have poor eye contact and will ignore you or get really upset and start crying if you meant it.

They also act partially like their grandparent, Nelsholi Neloni, but do not share the same interests. Both of them have a low tolerance to frustration, have an interest in singing and dancing, and have a pessimistic attitude. They both have the same loud voice and speech patterns that sound grating. Unlike Noje, Noshili is very timid when talking to people and can be a pushover. They both apologize a lot, get dismissive quickly, will try change the narrative on stories so that people that hurt them don’t get blamed.

Noshili has moments of promiscuity and will have affairs, sexual relationships, or even cheat on people they’re in a relationship with because they don’t deal with their issues, but frequently they don’t act very sexual and will not act a certain way. Most people ignore them because they can smell vulnerability but others go through them.

They tend to wear more feminine styles like their grandparent, but actively picks out outfits that look girly and makes them feel dainty. They almost always pick an outfit that covers their body and legs when shopping and since they’re tall, get their clothing tailored or will ask a friend to sew it.

Will update more later

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I was so focus with the face and the hair (mostly the hair) that I just didn’t think of the shoulders of the outfit. 😂 My proportions suck, but my coloring skills are worse.

Thank you though, I appreciate your comment.

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It’s going to be apart of a visual story—but not necessarily a visual novel. It’s still in the works and I haven’t drawn anything to recent for them so I can’t post their pictures.

I’m sure you’ve seen people draw pictures of their characters doing something that are apart of their comic? Well, that, but I’m not sure if they’re going to be a comic together or short characters or just drawings that are equivalent to acting.

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I’m excited to see where this all leads you. I will definitely be first in line to purchase whatever form these characters arrive in. Your style of writing and drawing is very unique and engaging. So glad I found you on WP! Do you have a place where you sell your art?

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Not yet! It’ll come soon. Thank you so much for your comments and your support. I always appreciate seeing your comments.

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