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Something I wrote and a sketch or two

I am feeling quite anxious and overwhelmed with particular unknowns in life and lack of communication:

When ideas meet stress,
They become silent.
Ideas float in the brain,
But they can never escape the mouth or the writing device.
There’s so many words one could know,
But when do they use them?
When was their word choice appropriate?
Was it used well?
It concerns some.

Do words mean anything?
Do you understand other personal languages when people talk?
Does one in a two-person relationship yield?
Does that one become main translator?
It’ll never be clear if one side ever got it.

Anyways, I’ve been a bit stressed with my school work and other things so I haven’t posted even though I said I was.

Anyway, I’m practicing my skills so I’m thinking about writing a “little story.”


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I do not look anything like my profile picture. This is drawing is of a character named Horinzo. However, all my characters including Horinzo have my essence in them. If you knew what I looked like, you could and would be able to notice. So, basically no, but I look similar to him.☺️ I’m much darker with bigger features.

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It’s never the stories that are difficult, it’s the work around it. However, I’m practicing drawing bodies so I’m getting there!☺️

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I typically like fantasy settings w/ different types of historical periods mixed together. I still am thinking about the story, but I know it’ll be short.

I’m thinking the format will be more artistic representations than anything else, because this story is for practicing making a conlang and translating it. 🙂


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