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Art:Depression::Hot Oil:Water

As you can tell, I’ve been slowing down with my content…I’ve been struggling. They say to be very consistent at what you do and it’ll pay off but that’s hard when I’m exhausted all the time. I try very hard to start and do a finished piece, but it’s not quick! It’s some weird assumption that all artists, unless they’re famous and popular can post a fully rendered masterpiece everyday and just do that every day.

However, I can’t. I can give y’all sketches…is that okay? They’ll be about my characters. I know I control my content, but I don’t want my content to be terrible.

Anywho, I probably will post sketches…maybe a sketch everyday. ☺️

Here’s some sketches I did while not posting stuff.


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These are great! As the commenter before me said, don’t worry too much about posting. Do what you can and at the pace that works for you. There may be a time or a season when you might want to have a schedule. This is your place to showcase your talent and you do what feels right for you.

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Thank you so much for your advice! I appreciate it. I love this space because of people like y’all.☺️

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Don’t worry too much about posting consistently. Yes, it does help grow your blog but at the same time it doesn’t help anyone if you are forcing yourself to post and end up burnt out. Post when you can. I really liked your sketches. 💕

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Thank you so much! I appreciate your compliment.

And thank you for the advice. I really have to monitor burnout.

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Hey there, you! 🙂

Your work reminds me incredibly much of the work I did a *very* long time ago. I actually got into Writing because my illustrated stories became so hard to keep track of, that I needed to record them somewhere where I could see and edit/rearrange them!

Even now, I find myself torn as to what type of format (Graphic? Fiction?) or genre (SF/F?) or lack of genre (Literature?) to use in order to handle my stories. There seems to be *so much more* information on how to work in Literature, than in Graphic Novel format (though honestly, it’s been years since I’ve been into a comic store or physical library).

Anyhow, I just wanted to drop this note to say that I’m inspired by your work, to get back to my own work. We’ll see what I end up doing, eventually… 🙂


Sequential art is a very underexplored form of visual media but there’s always gems like Hugo Cabre (can’t spell), Children’s books, graphic novels, and just drawing around the book. There’s so many options. Heck, you could do hieroglyphic and Egyptian type art.

I’m suffering from a very similar situation. I love illustration art and I wanted to make a WEBTOON or some kinda comic…but I struggle with arranging stories and putting things in chronological order and staying on topic. I probably just make mine form like a Children’s book (the 32 page illustrations w/ simple sentences) and move on…but it’s so hard and even harder to just start and be secure w/ my art.

Thank you so much for your compliment, it made my evening.💕🥹

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