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Showing my pigments I made.

Hi, hi!

So, currently I’ve made three paints so far with the new pigments that I have.

PG7 (Maimeri with ox gall is on the top left, the Schminke gum Arabic is on the top right, and the bottom is QOR.)
Top: Maimeri honey-based medium, Schminke Gum Arabic, and Schminke ox gall. Bottom: QOR watercolor medium and QOR synthetic ox gall.

So, I didn’t expect PG7 or phthalo green to come out looking textured…but things surprise me everyday. I used two different mediums. I used the QOR watercolor medium and synthetic ox gall and I also used Maimeri honey-based medium and the Schminke Gum Arabic and ox gall. The difference mostly is in the gum arabics. QOR clumped all the particles together (flocculation) and Schminke held the particles together and didn’t clump.

However, I believe the QOR watercolor medium is easier—for me, this isn’t a recommendation—to paint with with water. But the Schminke Gum Arabic is nice for applying on wet patches. The ox galls were exactly as mentioned in the previous post.

As for the pigment…whew it was annoying. The ox gall varieties made it nice and wet..but the particles are very fine particles, which cause it to stain. The pigment was irritating to mull (because it would move and shoot) and even worse to clean up. I knew what I was getting into, however, it’s one of my favorite pigment colors due to its vibrancy! 😩

Brown color (PR101, PBr24, PY150, PO20) and PG50

Now, for the brown color, I was trying to make something like a Quinacridone Gold, just because. It didn’t work, but I had fun. The other is cobalt green! It’s pretty and it looks very low staining, but it’s still gorgeous. The brown color with Schminke Gum Arabic and synthetic ox gall and the green is both Qor.

Dried palette

Here’s how the colors came out on the palette. I believe I added too much gum Arabic or that the honey medium prevents the paint from cracking. Fortunately, it’s still useable.

Rewetted watercolor

The colors are absolutely beautiful when rewetted from the palette. I love them.


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Sue to the Gum Arabic and the Watercolor Medium being water-resoluble (rewettable), they all can be used over and over until they run out.☺️ That’s one of the best things about watercolor and gouache.😊

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I bought mine from Jackson’s Art (the online shop) but you could get it from plenty of online and in person stores.

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