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New Pigments and mediums haul

I am showing you the pigments that I bought to make paint.

HI! I’m very happy to show you the pigments I bought. I’m trying to learn how to make watercolors, so I also bought some mediums from various brands.

There was no special idea why I bought the pigments. I also didn’t buy them to copy the masters. I bought many of them because I wanted to know how handmade paints can be made or if certain pigments have textures that I didn’t know because they’re manufactured. I will be trying some more later on.

I like a more scientific approach to doing some stuff and I like to have fun when I do it and I would love to have y’all see along the way. 🙂

The previous binder and ox gall did as they were known to do. They caused the pigment to shoot across the water (the binder) and sometimes would push other colors away (synthetic ox gall) as if it was alcohol or salt. It was fascinating to watch, but adding to much synthetic ox gall would coagulate with the honey I added and stick to the top.

Sounds bad now, but I didn’t properly measure out quantities instead measured with drops. 2-3 drops of each or the paint would get liquidy and disgusting. I really thought I was going to be okay with the texture of honey but honestly, I’m not sure…

Anyway, I will be updating about this, especially when I make watercolors out of them.

BTW: If I link a product, it’s because I want to reference it, but I do not have an affiliate link. I get nothing.


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I typically paint pictures of people and characters—mostly cartoon characters but a lot of them are loosely based on people and cultures (never too heavily because that can get problematic quickly) but I also do abstraction.

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Very educational, I didn’t realize until now, how complex colors and emotional feelings are closely linked to help the artist deliver a specific expression.

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All the colors I chose are usually highly connected and I read about their properties a lot of the times. I also use colors to code my characters as well and choose their favorite color that relates to their soul.

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