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What is something that you feel artistically holds you back?

This isn’t a tutorial how to fix anything, more of a rant. I just want to map out things that I do and do not like in my art.

So, I notice that I don’t have any backgrounds at my big age of 22 in my art. It’s absolutely irritating that I have to see my art but there’s no background. Partially it’s because I don’t know how to process a character in a background. People tend to do some mild bullying when a background isn’t present and will say your character is floating randomly in space…

I struggle drawing characters. It’s even more difficult to draw the background and the character in the background. I think it has to do with embarrassment and fear. I’m scared at messing and making something ugly. I don’t care about the ugly until I have to turn things in for a grade.

I have to draw backgrounds or I don’t think the artwork is good. I think I’ve experienced enough.

Another thing is my unwillingness to draw bodies and learn how to draw realistic.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just upset because I have art burnout.

I want to set of goals list to do my art with. I want to with my art.

  • Draw some characters I have — three to five right now.
  • Record progress.
  • Design three character’s worlds (the background and foreground around them and their actions and how they move.
  • Add words and how they talk to the pictures.
  • Add more abstraction to characters going through something unexplainable and metaphysical.
  • Draw more thumbnail sketches and do some color studies.

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I swear! I have to sometimes write stuff down and make thumbnails because my imagination is overwhelming or I want too much and need to work with my skills. 🤷🏾 We’ll get there.

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