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Ane Noje

This is about my character, Noje, and some things about her.

The character I will be writing about today is Ane Noje. /ɝ̃ nɔ̃.dʒɚ/. She is a character I had for an extremely long time. She was created to be in a story about some explorers/colonizers that came to her island and after a while, stripped her from her island. However, I scrapped the story because I despised it after a while.

Anyway, Noje is her first name, Ane is her surname. It was given through her dad. The most feminine person of the relationship usually gets say if they want their last name chosen, but since she was born a Ne royal (she’s pretty far back and will never be the main royal, she is just royal by proxy unless she leaves, once her uncle dies, her family won’t be royal. I’ll explain on a new post.) she keeps her name.

Noje was born Ane Naahale [nɑ.ɦɑ˞.ʟɚ] in Ne with her twin sibling None. She was named by her father, Ane Nedale [ne˞.da˞.ʟɚ] and her mom, Nadine [nɑ˞.di.nɚ]. She is directly named after her grandparent, Ane Naahale. She is a fantasy species I made up called Najigi [ˈna.dʒeɪ.ɡeɪ]. They are semiaquatic to aquatic humanoid people that can live on land but also may live underwater. Typically they have huge eyes, are extremely tall, pitch dark skin, hair that coils when they go underwater, bioluminescence they can turn on with squeezing in their stomach or rolling their eyes back. She is an An and Ne Najigi that leans towards more Ne.

She is noticeably tall, very dark, and has long, straight hair due to a trait from her grandparent, Naahale’s side. Since she has straight hair, it doesn’t coil all that much when she needs to swim and gets tangled underwater. However, she doesn’t cut it and may wear it in a bun. She has An scarification on her face (nose, cheeks, and neck) and down her body. She chose to get it on her body when she turned 14.

Her grandparents are Nejame and Naahale. Naahale is from An, and Nejame is from Ne. Her father is mixed with An and Ne and her mom is Ne so her Najigi traits lean more towards Ne thus making her into a lot more hot climates, but her body shape is closer to an An Najigi (slightly chubby, longer torso, and smaller eyes). She lost her parents in a tragic boat accident when they were going to An to marry her off to a royal at the age of five and it traumatizes her to this day. She was raised by her grandpa, Nejame, who she has a terrible relationship with.

She moved to Bamygdala when she turned twelve with her two sisters, Nemene and None and her grandpa Nejame. When she moved her name was (the equivalent of christened) changed to Nadina Sini /nɑ.ɖɪˈ.nː ɬɪnɪ/. She doesn’t struggle with language learning but she struggles with respecting people and listening to them talk. She frequently talks passionately and will shout out over someone when they’re talking to her. She also talks extremely loud and moves a lot.

She is a painter and she uses oil paint for her paintings.

I updated some parts of her look based on mod fashion as of 22/9/22.

Her personality is described as very goofy and ditzy, but nice. She talks very loud (sometimes having the tendency to scream) and animated and has a tendency to talk over people without recognizing that she’s doing it. She’s also a speed talker, if she’s happy she talks fast, if she’s angry she talks extremely fast, if she’s excited she yells and talks fast. If she’s sad, she doesn’t talk at all and if she does talk, it’s small and short words. She is a listener but once she talks, she won’t stop talking.

She loves the color yellow and always manages to put it on and surround herself in colors that are analogous to yellow. She enjoys putting on makeup and different types of clothes of any gender. She is terrified of a lot of terrestrial animals but especially dogs and cats. If someone is nice to her, she’ll have temporary infatuation with them. She also has the tendency to goof around and tease people and has a very flirtatious and sometimes creepy tone to her voice that many people either really like or they find her creepy and weird.

She has very good eye contact when talking and will move her body or will duck to see if you’re listening to her or and if you look at her and do stutters and pauses to make sure you look at her and listen.

Will update her later.


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