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Concultural Building: Soli

Soli [sɔɭĭ] is an Nini worshipping culture. Nini [ˈneɪ.nə̆]is the main deity for a group of religions. It is a series of different subcultures that each have their own ways of practicing the religion.

The birthplace of Soli culture is in a place called Sholi [sʰɔ.ɭĭ]. It hosts two known Nini religions, Ini [eɪ.nʰə̆] and Soli. One side of the nation is Nisholi [ˈneɪ.sʰɔ.ɭeɪ] which is Ini and the other is just Sholi. It used to be a bigger established area with more people, but the area was colonized, and many folks converted, were killed, kidnapped, enslaved, relocated, or other unfortunate things happened. Many former residents went to Ne [ne˞́] or Haden [ˈaɪ.dɪn].

The culture comes with particular rituals, ritualistic songs, rite of passage, funeral passages, so on.

There are five notable subgroups. They call themselves Ta-Cel [tʃa‿keɭ], Ta-Sol [tʃa‿sɔɭ], Ta-Flur [ta‿fɭɹ], one that’s currently unnamed, and Ne Sole [nè˞‿só˞.ʟe˞]. However, many of those groups live in various places. Ta-Cel and Ta-Sol live in Sholi, Ne-Sole live in Ne, and Ta-Flur live in more northern areas like Voli.

They are commonly referred to an exonym that is pronounced [ɬʌ.ɻe] and the groups are usually called [ɬʌ.ɻɨɮ].

Ta-Cel in traditional clothing and tattoo (I know how it looks, I forgot to make it look like it was drawn on his face with depth oops)

I will update this soon from time to time until it’s finished.

Sol Soli costume—typically a masquerade outfit, but some Solies dress like this

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Thank you! Worldbuilding takes forever and I have so much more to write about it but I have to think about more.😭 One question could turn into an encyclopedia. 🥲 What fun!

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I enjoy world-building. I’ve written quite a few speculative fiction short stories, about seven I think, that all take place on an alternate Earth I created. I was lucky enough to get three of them published.

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No. Two were published in Space and Time Magazine, one in The Literary Hatchet, and one in The Colored Lens…all under a different pen name. They are no longer under contract, so technically, I could post them here, but they are too long to hold a reader’s attention on a blog. When I post short stories here (I have a few) not many read them.

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