What Did You Bring to the Potluck?

I’m so glad you made it here. You’re definitely in for an experience.

This blog is a collection of posts that are about me, my characters, and the stories they bring. It is quite fun to take my own time to write (what I consider) experimental ideas and answer questions from my mind.

I love esoteric, cryptic, religious content just as much as I love psychological, scientific, and secular content.

The stories I make have real world parallels, but they aren’t made to be real or made to be coming after someone specific or represent any particular cultures, however, I write what I see around me and what I go through as a reference.

I prefer if the stories are seen as they are and are viewed as disinterested as possible. While realism is a plus, I have unrealistic or strange qualities because my characters do not live on Earth.

With that in mind, expect:

  • drawings and art
  • stories, specifically Qoot.
  • Conversations, rants, rambles, reviews, and hauls.

Please enjoy yourself and make sure to leave comments to join in on conversations.

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